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Invite qualified candidates to apply. So while other companies might deliver a lot of hey, ZipRecruiter, finds you what you're looking for the needle in the haystack. Ziprecruiter, the smartest way to hire. Try ZipRecruiter now for free at ZipRecruiter dot com slash free. That's ZipRecruiter dot com slash free. WCBS news time three oh three. Rob light for you. In the six eighty WCBS Maryland new center. Baltimore City is a code blue extreme cold declaration beginning this evening through tomorrow morning with temperatures forecast to fall into the teens with wind chill Maryland's longtime. It Senate president said today, he plans to carry out his Senate responsibilities as he fights prostate cancer and undergoes chemotherapy during. The state's legislative session Thomas. Mike Miller choked up before making the announcement in the Senate chamber as some of his top aides from over the years watched from the gallery Tuesday night of ninety three year old man was rescued from a house fire in north west Baltimore now word that the man has died. Fire crews say they pull the elderly man from the second floor that he was taken in cardiac arrest to a hospital where he later died baseball. The nationals reportedly have a free agent second baseman agreeing to a one year deal, Brian dosier, formerly the twins and dodgers, ROY w CDN news this faster. Dave lows though, Bobby Charlton a moment of truth. Don't put anything past the on left to do anything to. Reclaim the power. They lost. Donald Trump was elected president because Robert Muller's Provo has been nothing, but a cost waste of time and money liberals are now talking about the Federal Reserve raising interest rates in two twenty nineteen. If they can't defeat the president with Russia, and I'll just try to kill the economy. Instead anything to make him a one term president all this has got me thinking about what lies ahead for America. Where country right for judgment. The bible tells us a gay is not okay and same sex. Marriages are counterfeit. Phobic. What I tell you that Muslims do not worship to God at a bible and one more abortion is one too many. And where are the pastors are certainly not crying warnings of God's impending judgment. And that to me is sinful on their part. I fear that our current climate of prosperity in America's just before the storm. I pray that God will help us as only he can this is David Lewis. And this has been today's moment of truth..

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