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Chicago. First of all and propose over announcement today stop trying to kill off the affordable care act. There's so much wrong with that statement. First of all, she accuses the president of a political move. Then she makes a political statement about Obamacare. That's what she did. You know, just a A political statement. Was it? I mean, is that what the president made if the president's statement was a political statement than his charges would have no merit, would they It would be an empty It would be an empty accusation. There'll be nothing behind it, but there were 87 more people shot over the weekend. 17 more killed over the weekend. It wasn't an empty her statement may have been an empty put, but his wasn't You know now Mayor Lightfoot talks about how this was just a perfect storm. That's exactly what she called it. You know, the perfect storm put the city on pace to record more murders than any year since 2016. She said. You know the virus force people to stay home for nearly three months brought the court system to near halt created a perfect storm, which means the worst possible circumstances, the underlying causes of violence. That's poverty, lack of hope, despair and not enough access to things that we know build healthy, strong families and communities. Those challenges remain and are being kind of compressed and There's way too many guns. Is Mayor Lightfoot full of it. Yes, there are poverty issues. But they didn't just appear in the past. You know, few few weeks or a few years for that matter, and economy was actually doing pretty good before the Corona virus. So it can't have been this long, You know, standing poverty issue is their longstanding poverty, of course. But while of a sudden the uptick maybe it's because you know she's not prosecuting people. Because they're defunding the police. You think maybe that might have something to do with the president tweeted by the way after the weekend's shooting, that the feds are really ready, willing and able to help Do you think that that the governor and the mayor of Chicago will take him up on that? Should they I think they should Sandy in west Roxbury. Welcome to W. B. C. How are you? Very well. Thank you. How are you? I'm fine. So what do you think? What do you think is too cause for all this violence? Well, before I say anything, can I just ask you a question? I know that Kanye West is running for president He running as a Democrat or a Republican. I have no idea. Oh, you don't know. Okay. I thought I'd miss that. No, I don't know. Yeah. Okay, Well, I totally agree with you. I just introduce a note of levity, which I really shouldn't. But if you remember the song from West Side story D of crappy as Yeah. I mean, that's the whole thing, you know. That That's it right there in the not tell. I mean, they just know that the police aren't going to do anything even there because they were afraid of being sued or because they're not being there being defunded or they're being deactivated and they can get away with it. And there is no moral compass. I mean, they see an opportunity to write and they take it. Yeah, And I think it's I think it's sad, but it's fixable. As long as it's recognized as a problem and people pitched in together, you know, governor knocked over commissioner Grass had was part of a press conference this morning and one of the reasons why Boston is doing better, even though we just had a spate of shootings were nowhere near the category of Chicago or New York. Or Atlanta for that matter on DH, he says. One of the differences is the fact that the community got together and we're helping the police with shootings were solved two of the five or solved immediately because the community was there to help the police people took personal responsibility and jumped on board to help the police radio about police it contained even think about it. Yeah, it isn't saying to even think about it, and it's scary unless you want to commit crimes, and then it's wonderful to think about that. It's a Mardi Gras, then it's you know, then it's all no holds barred. You know, Knock yourself out, because that's the message that they're sending. I mean, in Seattle, Do you remember Sandy? They basically told the police still believe the mayor. Told the police to re trolls. Didn't you miss the whole thing? Love love that poor man who lost his 19 year old son and he's couldn't even get to him. Macy's in Chancery went there. Seven shootings. I think two deaths and seven shootings or other more now and Chazz or chop, but I hope the people of Seattle paid attention and vote out there. Mayor the same that I hope that people in New York of paying attention to the fact that Mayor de Blasio seems to think that the answer is More family. Fun. Time and group therapy will help. You know it's crazy. It is crazy and his crazy Thank you for the cost, Sandy. I pretty here much have a good night. You know. So the the Georgia governor decided he wasn't gonna fool around and he decided to bring in the National Guard and we can talk about that. On the other side. The number is 617 to 5 for 10. 30 or triple 89 to 9 10 30 when a call drops off a line opens up. This is Nancy Shack. This is night side. Nightside With.

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