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Fees promos and third party services to T mobile dot com for details. One 38. With traffic and weather on the 8 Sears rob stallworth. It's the afternoon in the getaway has begun but a couple of things in your wake could cost you some time. First, in Virginia, Great Falls, westbound on Leesburg pike near Buell road. That's where we have the report of a crash, possibly taking up a lane there, traveling westbound on 50 near gum spring road out in loudoun county the right lane gets you by the work zone. Southbound 28, south of westfield's boulevard, the right lane still blocked for the work. Northbound 28 as you head toward new Braddock road so that work in the right lane. If you're traveling on the beltway in Virginia in good shape for now between Alexandria and McLean, northbound on the George Washington Parkway getting heavier between one 23 in turkey run with a single right lane getting by the work zone. On I 95 in the southbound direction delays in the usual spot going across the aka kwon and down to one 23 once you get past the Prince William Parkway, you seem pretty clear as you continue sound toward Fredericksburg, northbound I 95 after triangle and before don't freeze, that's where we have the report of a crash, possibly on the right side, then delays continue off and on between Dale City and the Springfield interchange with travel lanes are open and available there. In the district, the westbound freeway delays, leaving the third street tunnel out toward the case bridge, we understand that may just be volume northbound D.C. two 95 solid as you leave the outbound 11th street bridge to go toward Pennsylvania avenue, but traveling to reporter to be open. On the BW Parkway, north down at four 50, that's where we have the report of a crass possibly along the right side of the roadway, and two way operations running at the Chesapeake Bay bridge, giving it three lanes east and two lanes west. Get ready to sit less and live more the 66 express lanes are now open between I four 95 and route 29 in Gainesville. See toll rates and payment methods plan your trip and more at ride 66 express dot com. Rob stallworth WTO traffic. Here's to M team four meteorologist Mike Steiner. Mostly sunny skies today. It's going to be a little bit warmer. We'll get out to a high in the low to mid 50s, but for an increase in cloud cover tonight, there'll be

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