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Available for qualified buyers. You can go to longfence dot com today and schedule your free in -home estimate. Steve Drisner, WTOP traffic. Now to WTOP meteorologist Mike Staniford. More showers, more thunderstorms in Several the next hours. Some stores may be severe and these stores are also gonna be slow movers. So do watch out for heavy rainfall in the possibility of flash flooding over the 60s to lower 70s. Many late day thunderstorms on Sunday. They hot and muggy these storms could be severe. Highs upper 80s to lower 90s. Mike Staniford, WTOP news. 76 degrees at Reagan National, 80 degrees at BWI Marshall, 76 degrees Dulles. at It's 830. This is WTOP news. Everything you need every time you listen. The WTOP producers desk is wired by IBEW Local 26 where electrical contractors come to grow. Good evening. I'm Stephanie Gaines Bryant. Ian Crawford is our producer. The top stories we're following for you today. are There still some strong and severe weather on the fringes of our listening area. WTOP meteorologist Mike Staniford joins us live with the latest. And good evening Stephanie. The good news, that flash flood warning that wasn't in effect for Stafford County, that's been cancelled. And the flash flood warning for King George County in the northern neck, that will expire at 845 this evening. Heavy storms that were across portions of northern Frederick and Carroll counties of Maryland. Those are now moving up into Pennsylvania. And we're going to be quiet for the next several hours. We'll watch off to the west though and see if another line of storms develops later and into the overnight hours. The good news, risk for severe weather is low now if non -existent. We'll have to watch out for the possibility of some heavy rain later tonight and the possibility of some flash flooding. And I'll be back in just a couple minutes with your complete forecast. Thanks Mike. Recreational marijuana is now legal in Maryland. People all across the state are lining up to be some of the first buyers of legal weed. Eric was the first person in line here at Rise

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