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The gramm okay so go to our instagram page instagram page or anybody's instagram page but repertoires okay yeah 'cause I gone from the rudy from the airport to a cab to the cab I rented a hotel that had to be somebody for to go out and so I walked out of the hotel it Carl Corpus Christie and Galveston or not too far away and so yeah and it floods raised a lot of flooding those on there you know place down there Texas Barbecue just get some brisket a half pound it's all I just have brisket and so if you just our the hat brisket you get a piece the wax paper that happened the risk you want a couple of slices of white bread no that okay let's let's get when they load the little waxman the things onto the Coca Cola Plastic Coca Cola trays for carrying pop bottles because they don't WanNA spend a lot the now you can get those for Free I get those trees the bottler decides at the Coleslaw Potato Salad beans in little cups and stuff I had half pounder brisket and it was pretty good company of the guys had a hat on a brisket happen ribs brisket ribs and he had some I'm how sausages beans and we had to wait for him when we were in the bus he was the last guy into a while for eh because he was yeah it just I just got a pop into that real quick before we go oh dear who sex in the the drag racing woman techs them because she has no patience right it's ten ten second bachelor's you've really go this is like we already know that these I'll be right out they said you realize just texted you from the bathroom that they don't like us just like us the great state of text US text anyway it was it was good news fun it was fun but you know they were there there it happened trying to have a salad in the last night but I had a taco salad okay yeah I think we order often you get a gun state law spoke so my salad came about a half pound of ground beef the standard at us let's go because we're all the fiber from the lettuce to help process the whole operation now the wave of the brisk brisket God no hold now it's not moving setting up shop when Fred and I went to the big Texas steak ranch and Oh yeah the big texts that we did not get a gun whether meal but we did get Saturday aided by four fiddler's a Yes for elderly fiddler's nice and Fred Tipton date did you did you tip them all over that's the only way standing right next to your table staring at the plane while you're at the Taylor fiddler three feet away uh-huh Qianjiang him it's weird down there it's a whole different country that's what they'd like New Republic of Texas California's a republic to somehow remember this meal this maybe they were once they still don't mess with others a big difference different kinds of state don't tread on me I don't know I don't think are all equal everybody America's equal didn't stay tuned so that's what we're what we're all your hope is more ice please don't mind Fred Lady fire that's an old newspapers some kindling would be nice but are gonna try to do they do it on a plate sure and the plate the care for this next recipe a couple of Kentucky smoke truck man sister Garnish with lemon rind oh but yeah no it's guardianship with orange the Interpol not with the lemon but I think it had enough orange going oh it had more than the orange mixologist brothers we are must've word idiot that's Canadian Interpol that's insys stolen year we'll just let's see sus so we get garnished with lemon rind and burnt orange wheel so what we think that means that you would get an orange peel I have sort of imagined the hydrated orange wheel all but I imagine that it only lift like that because you've been able to cook it so much this afternoon with my team lighter and a head full of dreams james thought I could scorching orange wheel could you I could not know but you have a much mightier torch well we'll see yes we will I don't know how it will play out yes dear you don't care for that one easy come easy go I don't have really disposal donald do knife well you could or you could use tree sliced orange we this is what I should have opened to begin with because I would have known that I had the little guy that I've separated them all using parchment paper like the anal retentive chef it'll retentive carpenter Mel Phil Hartmann Saturday night live remember blue the anal retentive chef on Saturday night live remember the carpet doll really D- do multiple anal retentive think he dared to me he's like this oh that sounds familiar that he had the clean power silence so you can separate them and put them on your plate and then blast him with the torch you might see a few little scorch marks on it but Yeah but I see what you mean wet soaking wet inside when I couldn't believe it could get a dry one that's what I was hoping for this time of year seemed like it would be a perfect opportunity to get a really dry orange and so when they say what did I say that they call it uh-huh a burnt orange wheel and you can see him the picture here that it does look like a dehydrated like it's been maybe it should have put it in the oven and Bert so that was just the gas well down Oh wow all my hairspray in today so disaster written all over this is going to be much like the Hindenburg serves okay well that's a nice flame that's more flavor than I had so you see what you can do maybe you maybe you scorch them for awhile I'll make the drink does that sound yes this could keep me busy all right all right I'm gonNA use your Shaker for this one this Bergen drink or as they call it Kentucky whiskey which I thought was interesting for people from Kentucky but yeah the other kinds of whiskey thick Kentucky riskier they all in Kentucky whiskey it's scorching good well that's gonna be fantastic because that's how this week is going to end up let me pre ice are directly flee yes well I think that's the oil in the thing we do the Ryan because minded than a little bit to write a lot of guests you have to hold the button to be sort of like a just put it down on its burnings we're using Kentucky Tavern Whiskey mixologist brother in case you want to know that we're staying true date to Alice's of this double everything for the show here so don't be alarmed and four ounces officer ever really see you do goals anything never know what's going to happen we'll put this out call anywhere near what you're doing oh yeah keep that all of that's cool scorch and this has yellow chartreuse this is this are I drink using yellow chartreuse ethics eight episodes it doesn't come up very often the wise because it tastes for not fantastic here's drunk everything you can taste for and Shiri of all things and this time around Fred has brought us nutty Salaya the whereas Zoom Sherry I can't pronounce any of those tried to get by ass product people who know theory prevalent already Novus you probably do they're probably already laughing at us are using it for in a day but there's a lot of kinds of sherry there is at least four the local store will there's just there's different styles dry sack yeah dry sack sherry maybe and we need a dash of orange bidders in this one as well and some anger stirred up which they should have a say that that's good enough I think that's pretty good you could do more even darker demoted even darker I guess I can smell burnt orange so that's fantastic so that's Arkan weird things through this over here Oh boop plan tastic I was so scared let's see what maybe needs a little bit more burning all right smell burnt burnt away though yeah give that interest there because this is this is going to be judged by the judge is judges and judged by you finish that I'll shake up this batch we all know that play tot good to know that tongs gave yet what your fingers and this looks like the other drinks we did last week conciliate ever drinks I think we can tell you taking pictures wondered November oranges. Let's see how hot anything here is the orange I'm just going to lay it in drink he sort of has it propped up on ice cube but we don't have that luxury now that they've got money and the lemon APU might as well put a little garnish of lemon peel on that old trade to stay true the boys one dual garnishes forgot the orange on the other one on doubling up on this this guy will get what he deserves which is an orange twist that's a you keep saying to me I'm going to rub it around the thing Kim saying that to get that defenders and this one here that's Weird Rhone Orage this this bit here and then David he gets it's the final countdown the final Davy thank you very much of that a great big burden orange what do they call it the Kentucky smoke track I can see the smoke comes from if you didn't do that it wouldn't be a Kentucky smoke no I'm glad that we've sought to make an even cheers all right Burke caramel on the nose yeah this is a good drink here's your both good drinks these guys know what they're doing I quit no we keep bringing things to our people now people and tell him right I'm just going to tell the people where to go people goat brothers these people are professionals in over there doing that can make a balance drink they can make it in such a way that it's not even I'm it's easy for the home guy to do all that but just a little bit of stuff with a regular lighter and enough time you can burn independently wow but the the chartreuse is hard to get books that's the order of more houses have you ever had a yellow chartreuse I have I bought that very expensive bottles L. A. Chartreuse that came in the box it was about ninety bucks a bottle I think it was very good and I would just have it straight lush three dollars drunk have you ever had yellow searchers try a little particularly sure you'll do for the sake of the show have you ever had a friend no I haven't we try to use a little sparrow separate Dave Vincent claim it's a little irby Lurgi couldn't make it tonight I'm sure you know it's a very very strong on the nose that's fantastic I forget the different because normally chartreuse green one is the most popular one the yellow is the his little friend the ugly stepsister it's sweet it's Irby probably a little bit of any scenario a little bit of electoral victory lately finish it'd be nice on a nice oh yeah no right or Easter old support all down your front anywhere I might pick up some visualize I think I'm going to sneeze about forty bucks that's thank you for the sneeze ah forty dollars for those little bottles cheap and as I say the one that I got was the step up above it was not much of a bigger bottle I don't think but it came as I said a fancy fancy wooden box slid open enlightened straw so it looks like it'd just been robbed from Monkou traveling between was on pilgrimage to Rome Mudan magazine that is I can I can taste that flavor in the streak yes and again beautifully balanced drink in fact that let's go to their website and see what other to do so they have onsite but website it's called mythology brothers dot com I think I mean they didn't go all out but it's concise I guess it took a it's all you.

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