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And it's gonna be weather related the Dallas police officer injured when his squad car was struck early this morning of the car had been parked at an accident and according to NBC five blocking ramp from interstate six thirty five to the Dallas north tollway little blue but after midnight and that's when it was hit by a great Toyota Toyota Toyota in the middle left lane and then another vehicle veered in front of that vehicle the driver attempted to take some evasive action and lost control of the wet roadways spun out multiple times before hitting the back of the squad car now the officer who had a minor abrasion on his forehead from the air bag taken to a hospital as a precaution the driver the Toyota not intoxicated and does not face any criminal charges according to the police was not clear if the driver was injured and here's one interesting note that from midnight to eight this morning Dallas police responded to close to one hundred major accidents including sixty five on the highway some of the other stories as more Americans continue to turn to online shopping to check out their holiday shopping list how would the malls doing Lauren hill of Westwood holdings group was at north park mall on in Dallas on Thursday and said said people like to shop online when your car is an online AT and a are small such as more part I'll get very very healthy traffic the traffic it's mostly falling away at what we are to be to see the mall and that will probably eventually go away over the next an update on traffic and weather together I've got to imagine sherry Rogers at the malls simply going to see a ton of traffic going through there with folks try to get those bargains what's going on with the roadways right now yes heavy traffic all around the malls are big thing that we're keeping an eye on right now is still in garland south on six thirty five that accident at live Prada things are still very slow there traffic is basically stop the crashes blocking four lanes only the right lane is getting through if you can't get off of Ferguson or northwest highway just get off it's very very congested complicating the situation as an accident on north down six thirty five just before product low Prada also in Dallas northbound seventy five at meadow road the crashes got three lanes blocked only the two center lanes are getting by you probably should get off at park lane or northwest highway also south on seventy five at mocking bird that accident is blocking the two left lanes the backup is to university I'm sherry Rogers on your twenty four hour traffic leader the following is a paid commercial program paid for by Rodney Anderson with supreme lending and does not reflect the opinions or advice of Carol D. or enter com media Corp the following program is a.

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