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I am who I am at the end of the day. You know, and John was like, I know if I keep the secret, or at least you say I am going to keep this a secret for a while. Let's just see what happens with the survey fight. And then maybe later on down the line. I'll worry about it. He was never pragmatic. He was just always always going to be the guy who is like I have to live on. I have to the the ends. The means have to justify the ends. The ends are only justified by the means we have to live this truthful life because otherwise we're no better than the people were fighting. And he does that. And he pretty much destroys his relationship, Danny and the process Tyrian, essentially is always going to be an arm's length from true power. But is seduced by the flame of it. And it's happened with his father. It's happened with his sister. It's happened with Danny? And now, there's a flicker of it with John. But he is ultimately like I think he is like got a little bit of self-destruction him. I think a lot of these characters do. Well, also think what what are the interesting things about Tyrian who does. Have you diagnose him with a slightly dictate personality has gotten a taste of hope and what it's done to him and the air is it has led him to put on the responsibilities. It's allowed him to shoulder. I mean, the things that make him a great character. It's a classic trope characters that when you meet him. He hates himself hates the world. He's the most cynical person. But of course, he's not cynical. It's of course, it's an act. Of course, he wanted to be not if not the prince who was promised, then, you know, at least Princeton jas. Yeah. And make the world better. If he didn't think the world could be better. He wouldn't be a compelling character. And so his arc from season one too where he is now he's in many ways, the most compelling and potentially the most heartbreaking. Yes. You liked it as a Tyrian episode like aria? I mean, I I like our who doesn't but are in the hound one of my favorite pairings on the show the hound in general one of the best characters on the show. Not just with the one liners in casual use of the T-word it just about. Any opportunity, but that's a version of the show that I also truly enjoy and seeing them both of them have had very dramatic arcs of change. But seeing where they end up in a place that is both satisfying from a character level and emotionally satisfying for the audience is terrific some excited to be on that. Horse ride that will take either ten minutes or three weeks depending on plot. Requires is is I imagine he shows up rather early in episode five. I don't think it's going to take them too long to get their deal with his brother. Yeah. What else did you like? I enjoyed the performances a lot, you know. I mean, I think that that's an under now an underrated part of the show because so much of the focus is on plot mechanics. I've really come to appreciate museums. As performances aria. I think it's a much subtler change than what happened with brand obviously slightly psychedelic, but her kind of resignation to a life outside of who she used to be, you know, an an an a purpose that she sees as far greater than any kind of like. Pleasure or like like knowing love really, you know, like a part of the show is always been the people who do the best are the ones who understand who they are. And are honest about it and her journey is one of the most compelling for that reason because she knew what she wasn't early on and became who. She who she is. Right. And I think that this story, for example, she seems to have a very good sense of herself now, but the mechanics of how she got there in what she is. Now, I think it's still a little bit. It's a little bit foggy. I I wanted to know your thoughts on the opening banquet, which attempted to host of very special episode of Oprah Winfrey. Look under your seat lordship. Going to start tossing those around. I mean that was a flex against John..

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