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Next to that there is some big streets it was a small restaurant and the people sitting outside and then the win crashed into 'em restaurant and the people are calm but really shocked the police have yet to establish a formal motive the driver of the van they say shot himself dead in the vehicle off to the crash this afternoon they raided a flat in the city believed to be his home he said to have been a german citizen in his late forties who was known to the police and had mental health problems earlier the state interior minister herbert royle said that at this stage there was new evidence of a link to islamic terror the nakai according to the current state of the investigation and it is really still early the pepetrators plowed into a crowd of people was a german citizen and not as it was being everywhere a refugee or something similar the details are being thoroughly excellent but there's nothing at the moment suggesting there was any islam is background tonight those investigations continue a city begins to mourn its dead and pray for those left fighting for life johnny hill since twenty thirty there have been thousands of syrians affected by chemical warfare and hundreds of being killed sarin gas forced frus bombs and napalm have all been used human rights groups blame the syrian government it denies any involvement now there are reports of a chemical weapon attack in the rebelheld town of duma on the edge of the capital damascus this comes on the second day of renewed airstrikes on the town which is said to have killed dozens of civilians at least seven people have reportedly died in rebel shelling of civilian areas in damascus on middle east analyst alan johnston told me more about these latest developments through the day we were hearing reports of want sounded like fairly heavy airstrikes on the town of duma this rebelheld and clave then in the course of.

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