Liam Neeson faces backlash after admitting he wanted to 'kill' a black man after a friend's rape


Liam Neeson talk about this more next hour, but Liam Neeson's said in an interview with a British paper that he wants walked the streets armed with a club for a week in hopes of killing a black man after a family member told him, she was raped by a black man. There is a he said in this interview again, it was to pitch his new movie called cold pursuit. It's an action movie because it's Liam Neeson's show. And it's not. Love actually, he said, there's something primal, and he begins a story with this interview. And he says God forbid you've ever had a member of your family hurt under criminal conditions. But he says my immediate reaction was I asked did. She know who it was. No, what color were they? And she said it was a black person. And he said he walked around the neighborhoods with a club in his hand. Like a baton hoping that he would be approached by somebody and he could kill him. I mean, those are his words that he wanted to kill somebody because of the fury he felt over his family member having been attacked now. There's more to it. There's some pushback that don't know. Why you tell that story if that's something that he went through. Why would you publicize that? I don't know. I mean, that's. And he never identified who it was. That was whether it was a family matter how close the family member

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