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The Stanley Cup playoffs. Continue tonight on NBC, as in with a pair of game threes. First, the Flyers and the Islanders made it 7 P.m. Eastern time that after that, Vegas Golden Knights take on the Vancouver Canucks. Both those series tied one game apiece. Catch the NHL on the networks of NBC. Islanders and Flyers were supposed to play a game four of their Siri's at noon today. But with the paws on the postponement of those games we resume download a quick break by Carlo Breaking through the middle with a good lead passed at a shot has stopped by Vasilevskiy. Yeah, Brandon Carlo, the big right handed defenseman, whose Leading the rush for the Bruins execute a nice little given. Go play with Brad Marshawn right at the offensive blue line, and he's able to get a quick look in on the goal takes a shot, which fast left. He fights off with his left shoulder covers the park. But that's the best chance the Bruins have had in this game, Sam Great move by Brandon Carlo As you mentioned on the given goal. Ruins have been much better in the second period, especially in the first six minutes of the second period. But they've been held off by the fine goaltending of Andrei Vasilevskiy. Face off to the right of Vasilevskiy comes to Ciara. Long shot. A save by Vasyl Lusky rebound in the corner Battling Boy Sean and Brayden Point turn, Act is there for the lightning as well. Marshawn White around the board. The right point kept in my back a boy. His shot was blocked out of the zone. Back into the Boston end. McAvoy recovers as Andre Palat fell down, couldn't get for the park. A lot, knocks it away from hostile and it sent ahead by headmen all the way down hustling Africa but missing the puck. Indeed..

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