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About Gabrielle union and her advice what's the story yes he was on live hit was that couples live with her in doing wait alongside I you send Steph curry and she was talking about some advice that she gave to a younger I used to carry when I guess it must have been a rough patch years and years and years ago this definition we're going through in his wish you tell their usual ninety eight back up exactly yeah and you're right working out very well and you wake up now and you'll be amazed at how so obviously that was a horrible advice bad advice and you know you realize things that work for you necessarily don't work for anybody else I got the same advice like I said I was with my wife since she was fifteen I was sixteen people said that Hey yeah look together in love too soon you should you know live a little and do this and do that and thank god that that didn't happen because I don't know where I would be five years later eighteen years married in twenty five years twenty six years together so thank god I did listen anybody what about your kids later five kids later yeah yes our best I think the worst advice that I can think of right now definitely came from my father and this is when back in the day way way way back in the day when I confronted my father about cheating on my mom and he looked me in the eye and he laughed I know if you get a good exercise bike and bought my room and he was right on that side bike and he goes she only got one girlfriend and he's a one do you understand and that confused the hell out of my young mind for quite a long time for a long as I thought it was wrong to have one girlfriend so that always makes you that always make me question you know a relationship I was in and always made me keep at least one thing on the side right technically that probably worked out for me because you know back in the day now one thing on the side became my wife so I don't know that was goodbye to bad advice I thought it was very confusing I've had I've had quite a few therapy sessions about that last couple years he said the one thing on his side was your wife we had to that I was dating this other girl back in the day and then I started kicking all my wife so I have both of them and then ended up with my wife also maybe if my dad gave me that advice they always have one thing on the site I know my wife wow what does right now I think about it my goodness no he well right now right now right when you're talking about what you know it worked out for me it wasn't right no what about you you I tell you before like the worst advice I ever got was somebody tell me to stay in a relationship with somebody that would every single time I would take a picture with somebody if it was a guy he was screen shot it and send it to me to be upset and to be completely innocent pictures like if I was hosting a party and I didn't think it was a good idea to stay in that relationship but my friend told me that I should and I should try to see it from his point of view and I realize that I just couldn't live my life like that with somebody who didn't trust me even though I wasn't doing anything to not be trusted in the final straw was when he went through my phone and hid in the bathroom with it for no reason and I just as I I can't do this anymore goodness gracious what you're what you're with that he was seen in the pictures because it had to be like a social social media time right they had to be the last it's yeah yeah definitely was it was probably about I would say like eight years ago now thank the eight years ago that it happened and I was very glad that we broke up and I I also feel that you should never be in a relationship where you feel stressed out about it all the time in every little thing you do they're always I. questing in it and you're not even doing anything wrong because usually it means they're doing something wrong I'm sure he's listening good morning to him all right let's go to phone lines eight hundred five eight five one five one hello who's this yeah yeah let's talk about some of the worst advice that you received that relationship wise you got some I was told by a brain dead to get back with my ex he introduced me to a girl he was cheap now we wait for for nope while we're out of town working with his child last year why would you give you that advice what was the reason for getting back together with somebody that was doing it I have no clue actually people make mistakes I thought she said all right thank you for calling you're right eight hundred five eight five one oh five one we're talking about some of the worst advice you received Arabs would talking relationship advice don't hold us to breakfast locomotor can yeah G. if we my queen we can the the I know you I see because I mean the black I got rid thank you to talk about it morning everybody is DJ envy Angela yee Charlamagne the god we are the breakfast club nephew just join us we're talking about Gabrielle union in some horrible advice you gave to are you sure car we can hear right fast ninety eight back on exacted by you don't have the right working out very well and you wake up now and you'll be amazed at how so we're asking eight hundred five eight five one five one was some of the worst advice you receive from somebody hello who's this as a group idea Cajun corner looking right Hey what's some of the worst advice you received okay what's your name you said spicy occasion spicy Asian from Brooklyn okay I see S. Kazin okay there was some of the worst advice you received on some of the words advice I received like my neck and I was heartbroken which led me to apply for work authorization from planned you know we're offering to give you the right what I get don't worry about love might be aware of our vision to get some money you know were blind you know ever get the exact and look and see how you get back on that right sounds really good hardworking only by giving money to come and get the money and you know you get your money so much the former nephew kicked out but you go by yourself and as well as before you know it yes Lou now and it's like wow maybe by next opening times well I think that's what you know we operate me okay ran for you my prayers on that hello hello I'm not hello this hello what's up what we call the from Russia the call from the Landel Florida Landau Florida we're talking about some of the worst advice you receive from somebody yeah my brother with one or I found out that she was married and I did not know she would marry me elsewhere and I'll like maybe I maybe I shouldn't be you or maybe I should be talking to her all non find out why she referred your unit you know all right the greatest story about how I would go to our you know thank you for and I got my back I'm like you know because you're what I would have been and I'm I'm not a liar she will rip down the street with the belt he's running if you can't see it got it got you got the bill will wait it out we'll send you a note well about it okay by the way by the way you said you told LA you know won't be would would you still hit yeah yeah oh one last one last time my goodness one monarch well the thing about it well maybe not found out about it I could know that excuse me was something else going on that you're not telling of that part yeah what does it what happened well I you really cut her off king come on tell the truth god is watching you yeah we just all right they do very good job with that married woman and then breaking up what medially afterwards eight hundred five eight five one oh five we're talking a worse relationship vice you received at the breakfast club ability he six one thank you it's a you can never hit my I I don't it's a price how do you Virginia is like a virgin in Dallas okay the Swiss sonogram we can talk about the you just know that I can make a note thank you maybe with a little water stretches like a vocal collects fifty the fan and his daughter every time I and I need we can talk about the six one Texas everybody is the J. N. V. is in the usual meaning that we are the breakfast club there if you just joined us we're talking about the worst relationship advice you receive from somebody let's go to the former hello who's this what's her merry brown thousand three thousand yes I need you to stand a little more hype I love you all yeah we got here we go it was the worst relationship advice you received their knowledge of the homeless man I would I would well my homeboy and I got like one of the baddest chicks around right now the parents that she acquired the darker areas like little parties price wise and creative came through is that one right you may check terms general whatever chambers sure it out another story but it was for safety for kids or whatever but I end up not national she was tremendously she was like super bad he's called her bionic but she had a large tax surcharges whatever whatever and I DMS later much later I see on the ground she crying and I hear the battle I was like the day before somebody I was messing with previous reports I promise you so come to find out if I would mention her the day before that and it would have been like when I stand out a little bit we we got Nash yes the rules are when I see you today nasty I won a game mask dag okay selling that the baby would be yours so about no she was already pregnant she you know she got Frank the day before like blessed by I would have gotten that let me know a pregnant means has graphics there well what was the point of the story again yeah I don't know what the point is so that your baby or not we do not and never Miller bill Mobley what have you you would see what he said it was your baby in is you wouldn't even know he was Matthew just believed where no I wouldn't believe that allow water strapped up Linda Bennett so you don't sound like the Scrabble type home be yeah you do every day now is it you definitely sound like the type of the dead doesn't need a reason to go wrong M. as Connell one hand how many people died this is Ravi some while many maybe like see what I'm saying A. B. okay yeah you guys what we've been trying to put you into trying to play you can't my goodness all right thank you douse me my god what's the moral of the story I don't know the morally right to ease on that Gabrielle union situation is also an example of why you can't listen to someone who's not in the same position as you okay this is what I tell women and couples in many couples not to talk to single people because Gabrielle union was at one place in our lives speaking from her level of consciousness and awareness but clearly I use instead of four and its base gab didn't get to until much much later in her life I don't say that she's speaking from her consciousness in a way anything girl you need to go out and have fun you need to go out there you know that four point four golden eyes are bright light why I got what I want at home absolutely she made the best decision I mean I and you look at it like everybody situation like you said is absolutely positively different like you don't think that my wife didn't say you know what I'm out here because I was the list of F. boy issue you know when I was younger and you know I changed watches a she changed me every which I think that this is because Gabrielle union gave advice from a woman who was in a relationship who's married and everything that turned out to be wrong advice so in a day so it doesn't matter but what I'm saying is like I think you know everybody's situation is different sometimes advise works sometimes it doesn't all you can do is try to sometimes deal with things on your own and go with your gut feeling you can be a matter of fact about it would like Gabrielle was you know I'm saying like you didn't work out for Gary also impress you probably was still speaking from a place of heart thank you well that didn't work out for me as a dancer I go work out for you you could have technically what she'd say and by telling her to go out to eat and sleep with a whole bunch of guys use she's she's saying that okay you're late you're probably in a working with you might well have fun right all right well we got rooms in a way he yes now let's talk about it so that you are I'm sure love and lead to growing up but they reunited and let's tell you where they were United in where you can catch this reunion all right also next hour ask a you you get on the phone right now eight hundred five eight five one.

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