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Equifax, William Barr, Attorney discussed on Pat Farnack


The Chinese government that hacked Equifax in twenty seventeen Attorney General William Barr revealed the news of federal action against the suspects from here to announce the indictment of Chinese military hackers specifically for members of the Chinese people's Liberation Army for breaking into the computer systems of the credit reporting agencies Equifax and for stealing the sensitive personal information of nearly half of all American citizens and also Equifax's harder on intellectual property the bridge was one of the largest in history president trump is set to unveil a new budget plan today it's a four point eight trillion dollars spending proposal for next year CBS is Anthony Mason has a preview the administration is describing it as pro worker pro family and pro America it includes an increase in military spending by point three percent the more than seven hundred and forty billion dollars and for the border wall but the administration's talking points do not mention that the president wants to cut more than four hundred billion dollars from social and safety net programs such as Medicare Medicaid and food stamps New York state is filing suit today against the trump administration over its recent announcement regarding trusted traveler programs Attorney General Letitia James claims the White House is simply seeking pay back because it's been locked from access to state DMV records the department of homeland security says it will no longer approved new Yorkers for fast track security tech checks at the airport because it's lost access to the DMV data James says other states have taken similar action without facing the same consequences another jump in the number of deaths from corona virus ninety seven in just one day bringing the total to nine hundred eight American Matt Smith is among the Americans quarantined on a cruise ship in Japan where people have the virus they take the people who've been diagnosed with the virus they take them off through a covered tunnel it seems like they're trying to maintain the anonymity of the the people I mean and maintain the quarantine and they put them either and ambulances or maybe some other form of transport meanwhile there are more concerns the outbreak is spreading I think he Barker in London a staff member at a doctor's practice in Brighton has tested positive for the corona virus forcing it to close eight people in the U. K. have now been infected including a Brighton man who caught the virus in Singapore and reportedly then passed it on to at least seven other people in England France and Spain not clear if he's been linked to this new infection the virus is taking a toll on many businesses and even lessening the demand for fuel triple A.'s Robert Sinclair junior explains what his organization is seeing crude oil is getting cheaper because of the corona virus it's really amazing others sickness family affect on the economy manufacturing is interconnected globally and the Chinese are major manufacturer but sometimes our raw materials are coming from other countries and if those countries are afraid to do business with China because they're afraid of catching the corona virus well that leads to a downturn in the economy the national average right now for a gallon of gas is two dollars forty three cents in New York it's two sixty three New Jersey to fifty and Connecticut it's two fifty seven campaign twenty twenty the New Hampshire primary at this time tomorrow New Hampshire voters will be having their say in the presidential nominating process the latest CBS news battleground tracker poll has people to judge in the lead with twenty nine percent he's followed by Bernie Sanders with twenty five percent CBS news political reporter Caitlin he we burn says the infighting is heating up the knives are out here in New Hampshire after the chaos of the Iowa caucuses the democratic candidates are looking to the granite state to help firm up their support and help save the field and talking to voters here they're hoping that New Hampshire can be more decisive and helping to determine who the eventual nominee of the Democratic Party will be in new Hampshire's Republican primary president trump is assured of victory but he'll be holding a.

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Equifax, William Barr, Attorney discussed on Pat Farnack

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