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It made me developing entirely near and honest relationship or parents hey how about you oh that's a good thing not had before that's a good thing it made me realize oh when the plastics phone some from the ceiling i know what's gone with mom and dad tears and the real the real people that he moved in okay what is going on air there shaking the timbers up there got a question the second the second thing is on i grew up in southern illinois which was way outside of the chicago land area but any time that i heard a band from you know my state it was a big deal whether it was sticks or eating whoever was and i wanted to ask you do you think that comes from the mid west made a difference to your music as opposed to somebody from either of the coasts i don't think so i was personally not really into midwestern bands you know and i came up i was more interested in the the sort of british invasion bands from the early sixties all the way up till even now my favorite groups come from the uk usually was there a favourite robin zander band was there like your band was there one band well yeah it was the beatles right that were my favorite band it when i was twelve years old or whatever and but along when i say the beatles i also mean the rolling stones the kinks and you know those and then a little later on the who then led zeppelin and those bands i mean they're the ones that made me want to get involved in the business in the first place yeah hey he mentioned surrender rick wrote that right he did so do i i mean probably a better question for rick but do you know why he chose to say kiss records in that versus any other band well i think it's because we had a relationship when we first came to new york city before we made any records we played max's kansas city and there was nobody in the audience but about a half a dozen people and gene simmons with sitting at the front row table all by himself and he had heard through the.

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