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Beer show Sean Carty on Guitar Secretary of State. Franklin Rose in studio tonight, along with Colin Caste, or from seven sons on That's not a coincidence that these guests are here. But if there's a specific initiative going on, so for those that may have not caught the beginning of the show, Frank if he would go ahead. Recap. What the How and the why of what's going on. We're calling it raise a glass to democracy. We're partnering with the Ohio Craft Brewing Association and 48 breweries and the number's growing all the time. 48 burgers all around Ohio. They're helping us do something simple, but important. We're promoting voter registration. As you know, there's this little election coming up in a few months, right? And we need Ohioans to know that if you want to have your voice heard, and we need you to have your voice heard, you've got to be registered and that starts at photo hyo dot gov So You know, as we've been saying earlier, beer, drinking and democracy go together. We've produced these cans with the help and the creative design of Ryan Geist and Drapers like seventh Son here in Columbus. They're hosting us. Ernest Brew works has helped us Ah, Mommy Bay of my friends and all in Tangier River Brewing Company just up the road and what they're doing is producing these cans and bottles that have every vote counts right there on it, and then on the back, it says Vote. Ohio dot gov. And it reminds drinkers that October 5th 2020 is the deadline and you got to get registered before then. Anything to add, Colin, You know, it's it's a great program. I think that Ohio's breweries and just breweries in general, they're more than just places to grab a beer there like community centers. So this really goes like hand in hand with what somebody buries across state of Ohio are doing. We have 245 ish breweries in this state right now on DH. They're all doing a great job. They're all part of their communities, and voting is such a part of being a part of your community like it just makes sense, and they're at this point if there's 48 Brewery's involved. There are port put potentially 48 different versions of this beer. Yeah, which is super Cool. I would if you have some time on your hands, you should go and try and try and collect. Everyone tried their perhaps be a separate ale trail for that. There should be. Yeah, that'll be on the next next. You get four years to work on that one. Perfect. Well, anything else you guys want to add? Well, let's let's talk about the mommy baby. Er before we before we get too far downstream, and we were up in Mommy Bay just last week for the Toledo area, highlighting the work that we're doing, Tio promote. You know our voter registration campaign. So come on. What is this from Mummy? That you opened s O. We have. Ah, we did a nicely. Our scientist is a nice West Coast style idea this Ah, super cool, kind of hazy esko style. Lepe. So same idea lower on the bitterness more on the aromatics of the hops, but they do a great job with this fear in a cool facility up there at Mommy Bates, an old historic facility right there on the banks of the mommy River. And again, Ernest Brew works was there with us A cz? Well, if Europe in the Toledo area you should check it out. They got a full service restaurant there on site, and they're making some really cool beers. How far is that from the state park? From Mommy State Park. Yeah. Oh, goodness. To be, like, 20 minutes. You looking like that? Well, it just carries. Um Ah. What else was I gonna ask? I was gonna have to call in something. Oh, just going back. You know, we get these conversations going about you get the East Coast. Hazy and they talk about. You know, the West Coast beers are happy. I've asked other people this before. Is there or will there be? Is there a signature Midwest EPA style. So so we were trying for Ah, no coast EPA for a little while, which was taken Ah, part of part of a lot of these East Coast, ese Pepe is is you add hops not only in the dry hopping stage but also during fermentation, and that creates a cool flavors and everything out of the hops. Say kind of the the turbidity and everything that's going on in the fermenter at that point, So we were doing that. But we were still letting the haze kind of drop out of it. So it had a lot of those aromatics. But it didn't necessarily have the super hese kind of thick mouth feel to it. Maybe it was a little It dried out a little more didn't have as much residual sugar so didn't feel quite as thick or heavy to it. So so someday there could be OK. Well, it's good. The only objection I would have colonies. You know, I grew up in the Cleveland area We call us. We call ourselves the North Coast right on the great idea like that. All right. Well, I think that's about it. We're just about out of time here. So Secretary of State, Frankly, Rose. Thank you very much for coming in. And Colin. Thank you for coming in, and Sean. Thank you for coming in and hit on the campus show again. Will be next Friday, August 14th at 7 p.m. On Facebook Live. Just look up Capa's apart together concert series. And do you happen to know if people happen to miss that is Do you know if those performances are archives? I don't know that they are alright, so make sure you check it out the next Friday night. Don't miss it. Shawn's going to go ahead and play us out tonight. It's the beer show Once again. Thank you, Everybody. Have a great weekend news radio 6 10 w.

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