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That we should give up all hope but they really need to do something amazingly good in order to gain that trust and respect back for supporting podcasts so this is number four test your podcast in popular apps for android i have that list i just mentioned in the show notes inside your app or go to the audacity to podcasts dot com slash android audience so these four things you need to do to support your podcast audience on android our number one respect android and its users' number two don't focus so much on itunes number three offer android subscription options and number four test your podcast in popular apps for android then let me know how it works out go to the show notes had the audacity to podcast dot com slash android audience and after awhile let me know if you see a shift in your numbers are you see more injured years or maybe start asking your audience hey if you listen to us on an android device please tweet us please email us please whatever and so you can start connecting better with your android years or so they don't feel alienated because you're always talking about i tunes or apple podcast or iphone now if he have the apple fan podcast them it's totally okay to talk about only apple products but you know what i mean thanks to barbara stevens from australia and host of breakup recovery who wrote this kind review for the audacity to podcast saying i had no previous experience and podcasting interviewing people or recording so i was keen to find a podcast that can give me the knowledge and information that allowed me to feel confident.

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