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The right side of the spectrum it is not Antifa a there is left wing extremism there is anti-fascism, but they historically have not killed as many people. Newman's last day of work in the trump administration was April tenth earlier this year. She been thinking about quitting since last fall. Here's about to start her third year as an assistant secretary in the Department of Homeland, security. And she told her husband it would only be two. She says the decision came to her after she was asked if she would vote for trump again like she did in two thousand, sixteen somebody asked me the question and I just realized I I can't vote for him. So made made the plans. It takes a while to ensure an orderly transition, and now that she is no longer part of the administration Elizabeth Newman is talking about her experience. And she's in a new ad for a group called Republican voters against trump arguing that president trump's own words actually encouraged far right groups things like they're good people on both sides or send them back where they came from those words gave permission to white supremacists to think that what they were doing was permissible newman talk to NPR's Steve Inskeep this week about what it was like to work in the trump administration and why in her opinion the president's language could lead to even more violence. Clearly we have problems within policing and we need to address those but instead, we're just issuing soundbites and accusations on. You know it's the Democrat run cities that are having these problems or it is the fault of the Mayor of Portland or the governor of Oregon for not being able to handle the protests that have been happening for the last three months and I just think that's an oversimplification and by oversimplifying it sends messages to the right. Side of the political spectrum that they have to defend themselves that rioting and looting and violence may come to their streets and they need to defend themselves, and then you end up with an opportunity for individuals what appears to be the situation with Calverton House. To take matters into their own hands and it's just it's so sad to watch and it could be somewhat preventable I. think there would still be unrest and still be some violence but if the president would not keep heaping fuel on the fire, some of the unrest, some of the death that we have seen would not be happening how many people served under you when you were Assistant Secretary. At towards the end, we were up to about seventy. We started with about thirty..

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