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Band with entrepreneurs. And there's such a sunk cost going in. When you go down the road with the wrong software with the wrong choice amount of what it might be an apple whatever using four your business because you're getting your team trained up doing this doing that? And then couple months down the road. You're like man, this doesn't do actually what I wanted to do. But something like. Capterra fire nation. I mean, you can read the reviews you look at the ratings. You can stop that before it even starts because you have the opportunity to see exactly what's going on, you know, great analogy than I would use right now. 'cause I just got back from a sixty day European trip. We used Airbnb for everything and tell you how many times those reviews on Airbnb saved our lives like so much street noise at night, or like, the shower doesn't work or whatever it might be. We would have had a horrible experience. But because the reviews choose the right place so fire nation having these opportunities for people that have used these pieces of software to build a good place like capterra and really make the right choice for your business. The first time not the fourth or fifth time is so critical to you moving in the right direction. But clear you went to Harvard college and the Stanford graduate school of business. I mean, you began your career with Bain and company a lot of options because of that resume because of that the experience you'd build up over the years. Why did you join capterra? What made you make that leap? Great. Question for me. It's all about culture, I have had the pleasure and the privilege of working across ride different industries and right before capterra in a series of VC back startups. I'm the last one sold oracle. And I decided I didn't wanna stay at oracle in part because of the travel, but in part because sort of some of the cultural values in the way, the oracle machine. Works weren't totally aligned with mine. And and I found that capterra really had sort of the organizational orientational world that I think is really important are for core. Values are to seek the good to do. Great work to be ridiculously helpful and to keep on getting better and your tune for me here was to sort of take these really lived values inside of the organization and actually help them manifest more. Obviously in the products that. We put out for our buyer, and because it's a two sided business, right? We have folks who are coming in looking for.

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