Collapse Of Health System Sends Venezuelans Fleeing To Brazil For Basic Meds


Support for this podcast and the following message. Come from Comcast business having the nation's largest gig speed network was just the start. Now, they're providing gig fueled apps and solutions that exceed expectations and help businesses perform Comcast business beyond fast. Here's one sign of how deep the crisis in Venezuela is it's healthcare system has collapsed. Regional officials say a measles outbreak that began. There was not controlled. It's now spreading throughout South America, and some basic medical supplies and medications, even surgical gloves are no longer available in clinics in Venezuela. And peers Jason Bogan has more by just about every measurement possible. Venezuela's once impressive medical system has fallen apart the Latin American nation with the largest oil reserves in the world is now dealing with an ongoing measles outbreak that last year sick and thousands of people and killed at least seventy four clinics have run out of basic surgical supply. Lies and anti-biotics routine. Vaccination campaigns have been suspended even patients dependent on saving HIV medications have seen supplies of their anti-aids drugs. Disappear. Dr Kathleen page recently visited camps in northern Brazil for some of the three million Venezuelans who fled the country that was not a doctor in the nineteen eighties. When the as make started. But I know what happened and I felt that in these wars I was going back to the nineteen eighties page in infectious disease specialist at Johns Hopkins Medical school says she was shocked to see aids. Patients from Venezuela dying of opportunistic, infections, honig diarrhea infections in their brain things that that we know are treatable and preventable page traveled to the Brazilian Venezuelan border late last year as part of a fact-finding trip for Human Rights Watch I interviewed over one hundred people crossing the border, and I would ask them. Why did you come ubiquitously? The answer was food or healthcare. Many people told her they'd been surviving for months on a diet. Only of Yuka a rugged shrub that has a potato like root in the late nineteen ninety s Hugo Chavez promised free universal healthcare in Venezuela and the country quickly met most of the US healthcare targets by twenty ten but since then the country's much fond in healthcare system has collapsed. Infant mortality the rate at which kids under the age of one or dying is widely viewed as a barometer of a nation's overall health. A recent study in Lancet global health found that the nation's infant mortality rate has risen all the way back to where it was in the nineteen ninety s Jimmy Garcia is one of the authors of that study choking. I mean, we have eighteen years of broiler study is choking and kids are suffering and dying from simple things at the Brazilian border. Dr page met a woman in her ten year old daughter who just come out of Venezuela. The girl was in a wheelchair and needed a catheter. They had been using the same catheter for a year. These theaters is supposed to be. Changed every time you use them. And now she had infection those affecting her kidney. And there was no antibiotics, so they actually pushed her, you know, two hundred miles across the border two hundred miles on foot for a catheter and some antibiotics page who's originally from Uruguay says the health conditions. She saw among the Venezuelans were startling, particularly given Venezuela's reputation as a relatively wealthy Latin American country and these refugees weren't fleeing a war zone, the devastation that you're seeing is not war. It's mismanagement is were economic decisions corruption there's a lot of complicated factors, but it's totally manmade. This is not an actual disaster or something that was inevitable, and that makes the Venezuelan health crisis. She says even more disturbing Jason Bobi, an NPR news.

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