FBI, Hans Meyer, Donald Trump discussed on America's Morning News


Man is in custody accused of plotting to use an anti-tank rocket to storm the White House. He was picked up in a sting this week after he traded, his car for guns and explosives harsher. Jalal to have was arrested Wednesday local law enforcement agency contacted the FBI in March after getting a tip from someone who said to have had become radicalized that ISIS style. I changed his name and tried to recruit two others to help carry out as tacky also plan to travel abroad, according to an FBI agents affidavit filed in court, the federal government, shutdown shuttered immigration courts leading thousands of delayed cases. Of course, there's already a backlog only those held in detention. Get a hearing before a judge Hans Meyer is an immigration. Attorney. He told the Associated Press while lawmakers dig ain't over border security funding to fight illegal immigration, those trying to do it. The right way are getting caught in the middle. Well, the shutdowns interesting because as part of the shutdown, and the fact that the government been funded on non detained immigration courts are suspended so cases aren't being processed courts aren't in session. And so cases are basically being reset out to the future. So right now, nothing's moving Trump's whole platform is that he wants to build a wall. And that's why the government shutdown, but in the process of shutting the government down. He's also an impeding. The ability of the courts to decide. Immigration cases about whether person can stay or go, and you have people who are you know, are trying to do and they can't get their day in court, which is immensely frustrating. Because in some cases, eligibility might be at issue, if we wait to certain people might gauge out of being eligible certain defenses might not longer be available until it.

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