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We'll see bit me internet intercourse doorbells. Today's internet today's internet intercourse sponsor. See to say it slowly is sticky toffee internet's. Thank you for that sponsorship item. The i w to yes with guests. Richard kind. You ever brought wt back. And i'll while that is of course marc marines. Podcast one of the. Oh gee. Excuse me podcasts Definitely reminiscent of at least for me. The first podcast. I ever listened to the one. That sort of slowly corrupted me to this world. was a kevin pollack's chatshow has a say of that. I came for the lavar burton and stayed for the kevin bach. That is no longer a thing. Because i did enjoy it This is similar in that. If there is a guess you know it was better than kevin ball joe but is similar in that if there is a guest on the show w. t.f that you have an interest in you will inevitably with a lot of interesting things known about them that you wouldn't have if you didn't listen. That's a very at least for me. A high compliment Marc maron may be doubles less into some of the a. He's a little more focused than kevin pollock in that What he focuses on perhaps but still gets the job. Done and richard kind. I kind of knew going in and let me just say on that note wti f- listen to every single episode. I'm sort of more guest base. Which is not unusual. A lot of the podcast. I listened our guest based podcast where i will listen if the guest someone. I have an interesting and richard kind. I knew would be good going in and after listening. Ken verify He is just a good podcast guest period. Full stop Sort of this was interesting as well. Because sort of delved delvin added into the sort of respective neuroses which which is interesting I think share some similarities with the sort of mindframe And it's nice to hear people Of this sort of You know shooting the shit and talking and in exploring mind stuff. So i i would recommend this episode Just for that reason alone On top of which you know to funny people sitting down and talking nothing wrong with that. That's what podcast all. It'd be moving on to mickey d's more won bids. Oh yeah So this is sort of a new thing Sort of in line with some of the other Quarantine type content. I have sought out This mickey d is a which. I was think of mcdonald's whenever i read that because sometimes i don't know if this is a canadian ontario specific things sometimes we call Mcdonalds macanese there. You go He plays a moral end. Which is very old very old of game in the Oblivion skyro- them more wind ship. What was the first one thunder not thunder your anyways The graphics are you know. At the time they were shirley amazing but the Watching them now is just But it was a massive massive game back in the day when that i was always interested in but never got my hands on. I remember going to a friend's house and just watching him play for like hours and being fascinated by how large a world was. And just how seemingly you could go anywhere and do anything was probably not the first time i've experienced that but To the degree that the scheme offered Even back then is truly amazing so this guy will sort of a do missions. He'll he'll set himself a little challenges to do in the game And he'll just do them. And you know you get a half hour video and watch him sort of a fumble along because he knows his shit but there's also some fumbling involved with a game like this So they're fun. They're relaxing Funny quite often and I recommend Sort of in line with the The fallout lower videos. That i've been watching just sort of you know what i quite often have been doing with these with the follow ones as a wake-up and then you know you don't wanna get out of bed right away so a spend a half hour watching one of these sort of relaxed videos to get in. Get the day started. And i find. It's a very nice. it's very Just sort of chill yoho speaking of chill. I don't know if that's a segue sticky toffee pudding the musical for matty matheson on just a dash. Wow that's a mouthful okay. So a gesture dash is a show a internet. Show an internet cooking show. You could say Hosted by matty matheson. Matheson a feel like seeing a lot of lately. Maybe it has to do with a sort of youtube algorithm in that I watched a bunch of his videos. And now i am getting recommendations for a bunch of his videos but i have some subscribe The mrs and i have watched. Probably i don't know about dozens but probably near dozens at this point and they're just god damned light a specific specifically just a dash. Because he's got a couple of different. I guess he would almost say shows styles of shows The older ones gonna slightly more traditional cooking. Show vibe and they're good you know It's just. I feel like once. He started recording These the specific show just a dash. It's like he let loose. It's like he just decided to do whatever the fuck he wants the way he wants how. He wants where he wants. Well at home because it's during quarantine They're just incredible to the degree that They are. I think exemplary i might make sense Of why. I think the internet is quite often amazing. They are good internet This one particular sort of exemplifies that stick sticky toughing putting the musical so what happened Seemingly was there was a a power outage or a blown fuse or something to that effect. Where all the lights With the exception of a spotlight onset went out. and then it's it's sorta gave the vibe. That was immediately immediately noticeable by maddie matheson and to anyone watching that it was as if a someone was about to do a solo song during musical where all the lights go off. Spotlight goes on and they start to sing and that's just what he did Sort of at least. I think obviously started as a bit of a joke But then over the course of the rest of the episode They would like purposely Shine the spotlight or he would purposely be doing something and then just suddenly break into song then they got like the crew involved and the how should i wish i could remember the producer. He would be the producer. The director i forget her name. But the long-suffering producer shit like come on and clean something and then started singing like this sad song about having to you know. Stop whatever he's doing to clean up messes and Then they were like forced like the The cameraman in the san guys to like a break into song as well but our own individual totally a made up on the spot improvised songs..

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