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Harassment ABC's. Julia MacFarlane reports from our London bureau Meghan, increasingly a target for online abuse also revealing she now stays away from social media. Never look at say Twitter. No sorry. No. You know for me that is my personal preference. Right. Apollo's taking aim at those online. Trolls updating the social media policy to block offensive posts ever since Megan. And prince Harry's relationship was first revealed by the media back in two thousand sixteen online trolls are still targeting their interracial relationship. Doctors in Oregon who treated a six year old boy who nearly died from tetanus say it could have been prevented with vaccination, the boy did recover CBS's. Lisa Ballack says a boy was near death after cutting his forehead six days after he suffered severe muscle spasms in lock. Asia. He couldn't move his mouth or neck. He couldn't breathe on his own was airlifted to just you doctors treated him with several medications, including a dose of the tetanus vaccine, and they made an incision in his neck to help him. Breathe. The boy's parents are still reportedly refusing to vaccinate him. Doctors are now recommending the DTP vaccine for infants and teens as well as booster shots for all adults health officials. Meanwhile, a warning people that the flu season is not over CBS Maria. Medina has more the centers for disease control and prevention reports, a nastier flu strain spreading across the US late in the season last week about sixty percent of the flu virus samples tested came back h three unto strain that causes more hospitalizations and deaths doing as much as I could like making sure I've seen. Denise doctor told her she likely got a mild case of the virus. Because she got a flu shot that the teacher says she knows the stronger strain is going around some of my students were out like the whole week because they had high fevers like one zero three zero four. So I'm glad you didn't get that. Health. Officials say it is not too late to get a flu vaccine new Federal Aviation Administration..

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