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And you knew these folks their conventional like any other investment out there better because they're insured conventional because you have access to your funds immediately. If you need your funds in your fixed annuity, or you could just let it go to term, take the entire balance out when you closed the account their conventional like any other investment, But the one thing that is so strong is that they're insured. Insurance companies, very highly rated insurance companies, and no one ensures better. Then the insurance company. Take your required minimum distribution immediately on the first day you with the program. If you need those funds, you could take a lifetime income immediately. If you need your funds to take lifetime income you could pass. This fixed annuity onto beneficiary A great way to pass on Well, Steve Beneficiary, Or you could just take the money take a lump sum accumulation account. Turn closed the account just like any other investment, or you could take a lifetime income. You could take all of your earnings. Use those earnings to build up a lifetime income base to take lifetime income. All of the programs that we recommend have marvelous lifetime income features. But these programs of marvelous they're safe. Conventional pick up the phone right now. Call this number. It's 888755 88 87 Get the apartment with Anthony Perry Get all the details. Read all the fine print. Find out about these great fixed annuity programs. How you can earn 5678% per year for the purpose of generating future lifetime income and Anthony of first year bonus of 15 To 20% of that great run, you imagine getting a 15 or 20% bonus and that's Real money folks on the first date. Insurance companies give you a bonus of anywhere between 15 to 20% on the first day, So let's say you put $100,000 into a statement. Your conventional fixed annuity. On the first moment that you're in you now have increased your account balance the $120,000.20 percent more and that bonus folks, Israel, That's your money. That bonus is a death benefit. You can pass that on to beneficiary. He's a great bonuses. 20% 15% a great way to go and 20% bonus you could earn in the first year at least 20% or more. With that great bonus. Shape conventional here on safe money Talk radio. We do not like investing in the Wall Street casino. We have.

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