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This stuffed FOX that watches. Over Saint, elmo's. Took a break from guarding the steak house to visit another Indianapolis landmark Winston took a behind the scenes tour of IM, s he became a social media star just last. Week, after Saint Elmo posted surveillance video of someone stealing the beloved. FOX well he was returned the same night by an anonymous Uber driver maybe they'll bring. Winston, back for the red carpet at the Indy five hundred next. Year, well I am sure he is just enjoying his. New found fame yeah probably go a little faster than the Uber there maybe someone. Can, stick them in the passenger seat of one of. The Indy. Cars, yeah one of those ride alongs that will be, fun all, right well if you're going to be heading out there today good. Day you got the option to. Maybe let the top down Or just roll the windows down right, because we've. Got some very nice air little on, the cool side out there this morning. Logan's port, at. Fifty two checkout zion's. Ville coming in at fifty. Degrees and fifty six in Muncie. Temperatures today of lots of sunshine will rally back into the upper seventy s to around eighty degrees the safter noon then as we get into Friday small chance for a few scattered showers and storms and look. At those, temperatures. It's going to stay cool here the rest of the work in school week but as soon as the weekend arrives then, it's going to start to feel a little more. Summer, like we'll get back into the middle eighties the humidity's going. To return in that also means a little better chance for some of those scattered showers. And, storms as we head into Sunday it's going to be even. Hotter, eighty eight degrees heat index values we gotta talk. About those once again getting into the mid and upper nineties all right Kyle thank. You, very much coming up next half hour another night. Of gunfire. Across, Indianapolis we'll have the latest from where the shootings, happened and, how one of them turned deadly and parents expect to Have, there saying over the fate of a Catholic school counselor, a meeting. Is set for tonight but has.

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