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Always. Coming up next church complaints with Reverend motown. Right after this. You're listening to your morning show. Every week, Las Vegas Golf, betting experts Brady. Cannon and West Reynolds Review the players course conditions match ups and odds. Give you their analysis on which golfers have the best chances to win and their best picks for every tournament longshots podcasts digs deep into the data, looking for betting value, radiant and West analyse performance on similar courses over the season, and which golfers match up well against the field. They provide you the insights you need before the first Golfer Tees, opt to find the best bets for winning of course a few long shots to keep your eyes on. If you're an expert on betting on golf or looking for a new sport, bet this podcast is for you the. Experts explain their strategies for betting on tournaments and golfers so that you improve your chances to win this weekend while you increase your golf batting Iq, this entertaining look at tour betting strategies. We'll have you ready to make wagers like a pro every week. Listen to and follow longshots on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts, or wherever you listen to podcasts, driver, Brandon gone knows his way around the Nascar Track and the Las Vegas sports books on the Gone Reysen podcasts from vs in these sports betting network. Brendan is joined by Vegas Racing Insider Jeff Motley to provide expert analysis that you can make your best bets on every- NASCAR race. They follow which drivers teams have the best setups for the week ahead. Ahead and compare results on every type of track, so you know who has the advantage coming into the race where to find the drivers with the best chance to win as well as who may be worth a long shot wager before you place your bets on this weekend's race listened to the Gone Rayson podcast with Brandon and Jeff's analysis of the driver's tracks match ups and odds to give you their take on which teams have the best chances to win the Gun Rayson podcast? We'll keep you entertained with insiders stories from the track giving you everything you need to increase your NASCAR betting Iq. Listen to and follow gone race on the iheartradio APP, apple podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts..

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