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For that we're going to prove is that part of Laura wakes up this opinion system makes it highly recommend that you get started right away using carnivore because it really will help you just follow the directions as the company give them to you I just want everybody to know that there's been no one paid to do this I'm doing this on my own because I care about everybody and want to see healthy people is covered for minutes please after the physician suggested that he start taking carnivore on when he was doing so well I decided to start taking it as well and we're both so pleased to be able to feel healthy again hello folks Richard Ostroff carnivore research international here is it C. A. R. N. V. O. R. A. dot com or call one eight six six Venus fly that's carnivore a dot com or one eight six six Venus fly call us today coast to coast continues on five seventy K. L. I in Dave Brody's latest Templars in America book historians Cameron thorn and Amanda Spencer gun uncover a stolen painting which the **** believe was a secret map to the holy grail and the lost treasure of the knights Templar Hitler planned to weaponize the holy grail and monetize the treasure is part of his campaign of world dominance Kaman Amanda just want to find the legendary artifacts the **** failed because they were unable to decipher the secret template clues left in the painting and canned Kaman Amanda may fail perhaps fatally because a group of modern day **** remain obsessed with finishing Hitler's work well that's the premise in a not show of Mister Brody's latest installment of his Templars in America series treasure Templar it's so wide rooms a wild ride folks and he's here with us tonight for the next two hours Mr Brody is a leading research and a researcher and lecturer in the field of the.

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