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Spring you have 82 80 for at the H top tax defenders, 24 hour Weather Center. 10 01 Our top story in South Texas. Hidalgo and Stark counties have issued a shelter in place for residents because they have run out of hospital beds in Austin hospitals or expanding I seeyou capacity to other beds because the hospitals are full, but the concern a city leaders is having enough medical staff to man the hospitals. The US set another record for the number of Corona virus cases yesterday, adding another 57,497 In an interview with a San Antonio TV station yesterday, Governor Greg Abbott's Texas is trending in the wrong direction. We had hardly any hospitalizations on Memorial Day. It was on ly in the past couple of weeks that we saw this incredible spike in the number of people testing positive. Today we have well over 7500 people testing positive. Positivity rate, I said early on, if it went over 10%. That would be a warning sign on May the 26th the positivity rate was 4.27%. Today it hovers around 14%. The increase in cases has reached into the ranks of the Houston Fire Department. Fire Chief Sam Penny is asking Houston residents to refrain from lighting up fireworks. This year's they have more than 300 firefighters who were in quarantine. Indicate the firehouses man they're having to keep firefighters working overtime shells. Freedom over Texas is going to be virtual. This year. The telecast starting at 6 30 on Channel 13 with Lye 11th Houston Symphony Orchestra, trade, their truth and bun be among the performers 3 30 this afternoon live from Willie Nelson's Luck Ranch. Will he's going to be doing his virtual online Fourth of July picnic with friend Stephen Earl. Stephen Earl, Steve Earle, Cheryl Crow, Robert Earl Keen and some of the other performers. Tickets are at Willie picnic dot com. Billboard's number one gospel artist of the decade. Houston native Yolanda Adams is going to be performing tonight on PBS's A Capital Forthe Houston, Texas is the best City on Earth. I know I've travelled everywhere. The best food the best art. We have the most loving people one of the most diverse cities in the world. She's going to be performing what the world needs now and put a little love in your heart. That's going to be tonight from 7 to 8 30 Katie our age. News time is 10 03 Before they broke for the hot for the holiday. The U. S Senate passed Texas Senator John Cornyn's bipartisan bill blocking online sales of electronic cigarettes to Children. E cigarettes are a nicotine delivery device is really what it is. The only difference between that and smoking a cigarette is the fire is the products of combustion, but it's just a CZ addictive. Has cigarette. Cornyn's bill requires sellers to verify the age of customers and required that an adult with an ID be present for delivery. South Dakota Congressman Dusty Johnson making an appearance on Fox and friends this morning, praising President Trump's announcement of the creation of a National Garden party. It was remarkable. How diverse those body of that body of individuals were all races, all creeds, all religions, You know, great human beings in music and art in history in military achievement in science. I mean the president. This was really a clarion call celebrating the diversity of this nation. The garden being described his vast outdoor park that will feature the statues of greatest Americans who've ever lived. News on demand. Katie our age dot com We're going to have another update at 10 30 breaking news as it happens,.

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