Justin Verlander, Robinson, Canot discussed on Baseball Tonight with Buster Olney


The slightest bit of scrutiny and what was the timing of this when this came down which was important part of your reporting yesterday well i mean some people are trying to connect it to the fact that he was injured i think it had more to do with the fact that he had a hearing coming up and knew that fit baseball had the goods against him so it really didn't make sense to fight it maybe the timing for him was better to take it now and serve part of the spend while he's on the dl and getting his hand fixed but baseball evidently had him so this this has been going on for months he knew about it heading into spring training well he would have been formed not immediately you would have been tested some time in the winter and i'm not sure when he was informed it can be a couple of weeks but it means he spent this tire season knowing this was hanging over and of course it seems like we've had so many of these situations where players have been busted and they deny us for one reason or another we saw the cynicism of justin verlander yesterday before robinson released his statement just tweeted out excuse coming in three to one and i gotta tell you get to the point now where i don't believe ninety nine percent of the excuses and on top of that i thought of robinson canoas like one of those truckers in a convoy after how he was involved in biogenesis and what went on there i felt like he was the guy who got away like all the other truckers got nailed but canot got got away from the biogenesis thing tell me if you can just explain what happened with biogenesis with him by chances a bunch of other friends of his were busted only very few of them tested positive on the rest were nailed because baseball was able to get documents and testimony from tony bosch.

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