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If that's what everyone thinks when online friends you know what i mean. at least. That's what i i. But no dude. I totally get it. I mean if i can especially if it has you know if it's like trade of business related or whatnot. Is that what it is. Yeah we're sitting music video so health dominant meet him. I'm so happy because if you you're about to say that like you just met him me meeting with him. I was gonna feel so weird. Yeah you would have been like a dish you're welcome. I got your bags for all but you are shooting the music video so rushing music video. We're actually shooting to music videos. Hopefully dan that's going to be sick and like one for each channel and then i'm going to santa rosa beach with my family and my cousins are coming down for all. It's just gonna be me my cousins and my mom. My uncle and We this like forced horry frigging place in lake myong-chol mom just bought out and they took it down. Luckily there's some real shit. Yeah we're so they both. They both were just like so sickly being home for kobe. You know we gotta go on this vacation you know. And it's a family tradition hours to go down to florida and so we're doing it. Only half the families go on this year though because of covid gonna research mavericks gonna freaking like ham by the oil. You know there's like we have like a heated pool. Their does like a roof on the place in order to shoot another music video. Their damn bro begins some shit done to you down there. Yeah 'cause you know. Like i got actually second. 'cause i got the song called margarita. Bro and spacious mice close. The song cops are moving around so much. I've i've been. I've been moved around to if he was going to do something in my hand. So we had the same margarita. The that i am working on. It's pretty much dominates can be delayed the next probably single that release and I'm not sure the music video for it down there and it's going to be sick that'll be type of vibe is is it what it sounds like Yeah it's like dan. yeah yeah very spring break. It's about how you have. You ever thought about. Like pit bull. Yeah like like what is he. Whatever music is that it's part but like isn't it like does is that all he does. Does he have like a fan base. Like no one's like i did. I'm going to pit bulls pit bulls and anomaly man up about that he. I saw a thing You know how the show on like mtv advice or whatever like people like rappers history so the showed one of him and he used to sell like drugs or whatever in miami classic of course he did. Yeah yeah you're on drugs yet. He added up. Believe it or not yet dreadlocks or see the dreadlock pigtail very pit bull lisk asked but yeah man i mean yeah for christmas. I'm not really doing anything you know. Have fun. I will have on for you buddy. Thanks dude i appreciate it. Yeah philly pit bull is like basically you said he probably just the type of dude is like he how to like worker system. You know what i i. He's made these frigging these records that just go crazy somehow. Yeah i mean. I so i know that he he's like..

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