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And John Morrissey up the KO a jet doctor around look at a very busy drive here this evening your I. twenty five drive very heavy through downtown looks I got a couple of problems doorbell at forty five forty down in the dumps out the aggression ever sent another one at Alameda as a graduate was where the Mississippi in your way looks like we got some crossing guards down of the bright Henderson area hundred twentieth and eighty five expect that to be slow and a couple late blocked of the boulder turnpike it's a very very slow double double the dirt bike east out because the crash after what you backed up before superior I don't see a lot of crowding all that drive on eastbound I. seventy two are your real heavy should come from coal fax out to Denver west out of the west side of town they have a stall and there's something that breaks we tried with thirty second yup feel your fox thirty what that boy weather tonight down to fifteen other clears got twenty eight right now this report is what's what discover what here's something amazing discover match the badges all the cash back earned at the end of your first year automatically with the live it down but still batch billions of people you're getting their cashback bad discover cashback bad what do you wait before look more at discover dot com slash cash back badge our job or is the gateway our top story on K. away three unvaccinated children may have exposed people in Denver to the measles last week doctor Bernard at Albany's with the tri county health department says the three kids were traveling in a country with the measles outbreak and may have exposed people when they came to Denver are two areas of concern or DA at the airport and on December eleventh and then during and a children's hospital emergency department visits on December twelfth Albany says if you're infected you are contagious for four days before rash even appears contact your doctor if you have a fever a runny nose and red eyes E. cigarette users are more likely to develop lung disease over tobacco users according to a new study researchers at the university of California San Francisco found that vapers have a thirty three percent higher risk of developing lung diseases including asthma bronchitis and emphysema the back bay Bruce used to belt his five hundredth home run is selling for big Bucks an unidentified buyer snag the bat for over one million dollars at an auction over the weekend I'm Karen Trinidad on K. away eight fifty AM in ninety four one FM the voice of Colorado in our field at mile high when new legends are born in the old ones into where the young dream of growing and you'll remember you.

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