Pyongyang, America, North Korea discussed on Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis


So now the reactors north korea been working overtime they are enriching uranium there are also enriching plutonium and they are getting ready for fuel do go into the rockets to expand their nuclear weapons stockpile something that would were you as officials who see pyongyang is one of the world's top security threats and i think that here in america we have underestimated them and as i said when the bilderberg meeting was underway we received information that we gave to you about how they were ready to put nuclear materials on the tips of their rockets and that they would successfully send a rocket out the only problem was the head the reentry they have problems with the reentry mechanisms and so now we hear that they have beat that problem but it's not just nuclear weapons assange as north korea's the nuclear energy sector itself the coverups the the failures recently we were told that hampered was having some problems and that's right my backyard made not necessarily my backyard but it's close enough to have an effect on me and my family and i've already had affects from my other family in places like your city in hurricane utah and st george were they were testing the nuclear weapons that served in the bottom and and of course people were affected their my family affected creating a genetic defect did the most certainly is seen in my skin and other places on my body where um we actually see we affects the after effects years generations afterwards of of what nuclear power can do and as i said it so paris at perilously dangerous to all life on earth but the unit ability of megadeath can you happened due to exposure in nuclear explosions that may await us if we don't report in and talk about this it is not being reporter talked about he just its reported in some passive way we focus our attention on other things that i i don't think that we can change nor do we care about really i mean i i know the people that don't like donald trump big care more about this than the hear about anything else they would rather see our president rotten jail been open their minds the idea that we have so many failures and coverups that are being handled right now been more weaponry were were willing.

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