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He did commit apparently not phone conversation with Nadler a late last year to come coming at some point in January. But I suspect what he's going to try to do is run out the clock bar now has a confirmation hearing in mid January. He'll probably be confirmed barring some problem, you would think by mid February. Or so if you look at the the way the timeline under which passed attorneys general have been confirmed so given that time line it wouldn't surprise me. If Whitaker tries to run out the clock because there are some questions he really isn't going to want to answer. He's not going to want to talk about his conversations with the president about the Muller investigation before he was appointed. There was this report over the holidays that the president asked him. Why more wasn't being done to control the southern district of New York? Prosecutors who are investigating the president and his family and his private organization that's a pretty clear criminal act. I'm sure what it doesn't want to talk about that or whether he followed up on the president's request. So it's an extremely difficult hearing for him and unless he's going to go up there and just sit and just refused to answer any questions. You would see why would would try to run out the clock? And I think that's probably why ends up with a subpoena from the from the judiciary committee. All right. Matt miller. Thanks so much. Thank you. The newly empowered House Democratic majority plans to vote tonight on a Bill to reopen the government and the Trump shut down the package includes funding for border security, but not dime for the Trump border wall that he told us all over and over Mexico would pay for and joined now again by Lynn, sweet, Jennifer Rubin, and Adam General Sin, Adam I wanted to pick up where we left off last time about the sort of dynamics of this showdown because you work in Harry Reid's office, and you've been through these these back and forth. And one of the ace symmetry is I think that happens in a shutdown is Republicans violence don't care. They don't they're not like big fans of the federal government. Anyway, they think that all the all the people that worked for the federal government our lives who don't vote their way. So like who cares? They're not getting a paycheck and what happens over time. It's Democrats really start to feel kinda substantive imperative to get back to to compromise to make things happen. What do you think about that dynamic this time around? Yeah. I think I think that's absolutely right. And I think this time there's an extra layer of. Of bizarreness for lack of a better word where so in twenty thirteen when we were going through the shutdown you at least have the feeling like the players involved were responding rationally to what was happening in the world around them. So if Republicans endured days of terrible press stories, you could reliably count on the fact that they would respond accordingly and that that would weaken their position, but so far Republicans have endured close to two weeks of terrible stories, and it hasn't seem to change their resolve whatsoever. So in addition to their natural disinclination to care about the government. They don't seem to care about the fact that they're getting absolutely destroyed in press coverage and that poll after poll shows the public overwhelmingly blames them for the shutdown. So to be Frank with you, I don't really have a clear sense of how this ends..

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