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You'll know how much you could be saving on auto insurance. KBC weather tonight Partly cloudy. Slight chance of rain throughout the night lows in the mid thirties to mid forties Northwest winds 20 to 30 MPH with gusts of 45 MPH. Strongest at the coast wins diminishing overnight Tomorrow Partly cloudy in the morning that sunny highs in the mid fifties to around 60 Northwest winds 15 to 25 MPH. It's the power drive home after John Phillips it's Ben Shapiro at three. Then Dan Bongino moves up to 5 P.m.. Bench appear owing Dan Bongino on your drive home today on 7 90 kbc traffic Next looking for more ways to get it right. Listen to a M 7 90 k A B C on your election enabled devices just say Alexa enabled the K A. B. C AM still Okay, Here's a M 7 90 k A. B. C. Hey, ABC. Dependable traffic to stake. The Sig alert continues on the great find. The five is open in both directions. But it's very slow. The CHP is escorting cars over the past, then tour of the 33 is closed in both directions right now. Also because of weather. Long Beach a sig alert the 7 10 north bound after the 91 crashing the three right lanes, traffic is stopped from the four or five East L. A. On the 60 eastbound before Atlantic Sigalert crashing the three left lanes. Traffic is stopped from Whittier Boulevard, Ontario, has completely stopped traffic on the 10 westbound between Millican and Monta Vista. That's dependable traffic. I'm.

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