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Nelly above them it John Podesta who ran Hillary's campaign are he now has been asked by the DNC to run the rules committee for the for the convention it is a set up or in the area holy smokes all right so John Bolton has emerged as the central figure yeah in this whole show impeachment think it's unfortunate I do like impossible nothing he's a patriot I've always respected him as a good conservative yes he had a falling out with the program in foreign policy of the present joke to yesterday if I listen everything boldness of it be World War six by now great because he's a hawk and number although that is all good he's a tough guy I mean this was present trouble but the paralegal or whatever else whatever the case may be the bold book is now and in one building called but a Bolton interview hand over has emerged at the present has declared it game over let's let's play the interview for you and then we'll discuss well I I will be meeting presents Lansky he and president trump of already spoken twice president called to congratulate presence Lansky on his election and then on his success in the parliamentary election they were very warm and cordial calls we're hoping that they'll be able to meet in Warsaw and have a few minutes together because the success of Ukraine is maintaining its freedom its system of representative government a free market economy free of corruption and dealing with the problems of the Donbass in the Crimea are high priorities here obviously but high priorities for the United States as well yeah well that's very nice but that was two weeks after the perfect conversation that the president had with the president of Ukraine yeah this is all just of last year and soul what changed no I know nothing changed and so again I think this is been a gross make a mis characterization of his manuscript of what he has said then again this is just all the way to the left in the and their propaganda wing called the media are trying to deceive them hoodwink the Senate and the call in Bolton as a as a witness remember there on the twenty third by the way on the twenty third of January of the National Security Council sent the the note over to his publishers saying you cannot publish until you remove those sections of the book that we have noted are either secret or top secret or as some classifications so that's before this whole nonsense broke right and this is by the media as a threat this is not a threat this is standard operating procedure for all classified material has to be expunged and removed from any book or manuscript prior to publication though that's those are the rules and as a template letter it's the same letter every author who has potential access to classified material have received if the if if the folks in security say no this is too close I'm sorry this violates our security procedures of this is your sources and methods we can't have that out there so no it's not going to be a threat this happened before the New York times render peace and we'll get to the your current national security laws on that letter in just a moment on what flash back with a couple flex bunch of it we got that one from bold in August of a lot after and then in two thousand five we have a California congressman volume of Adam Schiff of talking about the credibility of one ambassador John Bolton why we would pick someone who the very same issue has been raised repeatedly on that is John Bolton's politicization of the intelligence he got in Cuba and on other issues why would we would want someone that lack of credibility I can understand now there's a guy with a credible of great in fact Joe Chuck you schemer called Goldman two thousand five on truthful as well as Mr Biden who did the course is not in the Senate now but thirty six Senate Democrats signed a letter to President Bush urging them not to make a recess appointment to about our Bolton called not truthful and also I mean those letters Biden Obama or Clinton Berman Schumer of course and I'm not sure if we are we just heard from now up to the national security visor Robert o'brien regarding the letter that was sent by the NSC to the Charles Cooper who is the attorney for John Bolton regarding his manuscript we've got folks have done this many times.

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