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New York State Thruway not bad either way to the top of the bridge moving along a Connecticut on the Connecticut turnpike and Merritt parkway no overnight construction projects that were set up on either of those because of inclement weather conditions and now on Long Island on the I eat getting word of an actually got some ways users talking about it as well what about in the alley into Glen cove road there's a crash there and that is taking at least one lane and I would extravagant they less than ten minutes on WCBS now let's check out this forecast for Matt ready with the early morning hours we will have lingering clouds low down to thirty three the city twenties and outlying areas watch for slick spots then later today turning very windy and cold with clouds and some sun of a few flurries even heavier snow squall during the midday and afternoon high of the forty one the wind chills in the twenties with gusts up to forty five miles per hour mainly clear gold Wednesday night twenty three sunny to partly cloudy and cold on Thursday hi thirty four the milder weather on Friday it'll be mostly cloudy hi fifty one hello it's thirty five degrees now over LaGuardia but when the sun to kick up a big gust clocked at twenty miles per hour over there so went to a benefactor feels like twenty six degrees it's four forty AM millions of Porter Ricans have no power and hundreds of families lost their homes at least one person lost their life to see all by a magnitude six point four earthquake second in as many days and the latest in a series of aftershocks which have literally brought a lot of people outside now to sleep on the street where they think they can be reasonably safe it is mentally exhausting for the people who live here one lady said to me this is worse than Maria worse than the hurricane well over three thousand people were killed in her came Maria in September of twenty seventeen that's still that was CBS correspondent David Bagnall reporting from Wanaka the entire island now under a state of emergency and aside from the air strikes out of Iran and he had a plane crash there yesterday the US Geological Survey says a magnitude four point nine earthquake hit southwestern Iran around two twenty Wednesday morning their time near a nuclear power plant no less and no reports of damage or anyone heard same area had a magnitude five point one earthquake hit him on Friday it's four forty one more news more often twenty First Street there in a carburetor in the streets of that storm preparedness out of state utility crews communication breakdown congressman do you agree with this move by the president I need the public's help your never more than fifteen minutes from the big stories on WCBS I'm Stephen Greenburg talking about your next job the department of labor reports that the average workable change jobs more than eight times before they hit age forty five changing jobs is common across most professions other than firefighters police officers and teachers and it's consistent throughout the country and low unemployment is accelerating the job hopping merry go round last month three and a half million workers quit their jobs last year over forty million people told their boss goodbye they're moving on employers often have themselves to blame they've been slow to raise wages to employees.

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