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Trauma stuff now my my my good friend in your acquaintance alec loves trauma and would subject me to a little bit here and there and the same type of thing for me yeah that's considered like punk rock filmmaking but i don't like punk rock for me early penelope's pherson her decline of western civilization more one of course suburbia pervy that's second go given a choice maria five times in a row okay four watch this game well you summer of of water stop it we'll see i think he won this week so we'll see we'll see we'll see what you make me watch but it's good to know that i have an entire new arsenal like right there i can't so here's what happened i signed these two guys pink flamingos last week and anywhere which shocking that's one of the most iconic movies ever it really don't actually kinda liked to see just because it is i con and it's a ten pole of independent freak out cinema off your list a little much more so than pecker because this most harris braise more accessible i saw it was on a plane so i might have had a different reaction than i would have if i saw it on the ground with that have done a study where you know we've talked about on the show that if you if you see a movie at thirty five hundred feet of thirty five thousand feet you're going to be more accepting of in a more emotionally invested in a movie emotional thinking about the movie you don't apply do you think it's because you're just more board on a plane you're locked in i think there's a lot of stress that goes travelling and by the time you're sitting down looking at something you're you're a little bit more maybe guard is down and i think there's something to do with the pressure and being that high that might have something i mean the the stewardesses are always like a hysterical i like your first.

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