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But Luchino Kosta appeared to have been headed to g but that move fell through it appears the land. Not good. I'll tell you Wayne. Rooney was sweating that de low because essentially when Rooney's legs were being transferred to the French league and called Luchino custom one of the best player he's ever played yet. But if you look at the at when their partnership blossomed, a cost of did a lot of the things that Rooney can't do anymore, and you gotta hope that he gets back to DC United. I saw piece I think it was by Stephen Gough in the Washington Post just saying he's got to focus now not disappointed please focus on the new season. 'cause the last thing that they want is a an unhappy player because I'm sure he's thinking about the money. He could've made. Yep. Probably but he is going back to DC United. And this all all of these things happening. These players now going even cost didn't. But you know, these players now going from an Elesse directly to a prominent moves to major European leagues. None. I think it puts American soccer fans in an awkward place. Because obviously Atlanta fans don't wanna see Miguel Marin leave their club. But JJ I just can't help. But think of the credibility that it adds to this league on a global scale and hate to be blunt and saying this, but that is something that I think I'm less has lacked quite frankly, I think people for whatever reason, it's it's always been a gut reaction. I think outside of the US and even inside of the US. I don't wanna leave out American fans, the gut reaction oftentimes with MLS to mock it, and I think the more you see guys like Almer on like a cost if he does eventually leave for some big time like Davies, you know, these things are going to keep happening. I think the floodgates are now open. The threshold has been crossed the more. You see these guys go abroad and play prominent roles with new clubs. It's going to bring credibility to this league. I I think the league is a platform. No, the credibility comes from the the percep-. Has changed a little bit. It was always seen as basically actually cold. His comments were the templates. Right. Well, I don't really go on to retire on the beach somewhere before moved a role Mont where he promptly spent quite a lot of time on a bench and they decided sign for the galaxy. But but that was the perception that league and some of the moves that you've seen moved in the last few years like for Nando tar last offseason talk about him going to Chicago fire and you strata without a retirement league, even Schweiger retirement league. But no, you see it more. As are certainly South American players are going to see it more as here's a platform for us to get noticed because MLS is more visible now in England on in Europe. Then I would say many of the South American league's on it makes scuffing except for dynamism people and make scouting lot easier to have I wouldn't say we I'm around hasn't kicked ball from Newcastle. So there will be still some skeptics skepticism on Tyneside about him. But the. Point. Is that MLS is now a good halfway house for players who want to go. Good quality, South American players who want to go to Europe, and those that will raise the level of the league for however long those players, they're definitely, and I swear I'm not pandering when I say this, but I really do give a lot of credit to American soccer fans analysts fans in particular of the clubs in this league. Because I think that there was this perception from the league before they kind of changed gears went in the direction that they went to where if we didn't have David Beckham. Nobody would show up..

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