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Can you tell us some of the things that you did to optimize your son's health or development since he was born I'm a new mom and I would love to know how you approach diet supplements routines. . ETC thank you. . And there are also some tag along questions here. . That have to do with what the common deficiencies are in in toddlers. . So I think Andrew Ask that question. . So I'm going to talk about that right now I would say <hes>. . One of the main main things that I have done is Omega Three Dha high. . Dha Supplementation. . Both during breastfeeding during pregnancy, , we'll starting in during pregnancy but pregnancy breastfeeding and then. . Getting, , preformed Dha, , to my son. . and. . The Way I do that is I take one of my High Dha capsules and I cut it open and I put it in his oatmeal with lots of butter and he just. . So, , whereas during fetal growth, , calories can help promote. . You know growth they're not sufficient for brain development. . <hes> brain development appropriate development requires a sufficient intake of protein zinc, , iron, , choline, , full iodine, , and the omega three fatty acids. . As, , well as vitamins ad B six and B twelve, , and if you failure to provide those key nutrients during that critical period can actually result in long-term brain deficits. . <hes>, , so the common. . Toddler nutritional deficiencies. . Omega three. . So consumption of. . EPA from foods contributes you know so. . Mostly those are found in marine sources. . <hes> it's a very small amount. . You know children children are only getting about forty milligrams of the preformed <hes>. . Dha and EPA. . And two, , thousand, , fifteen. . There was a really big study about that. . You know showed <hes> eating fish. . Actually even fish. . The fish that has particularly for high mega three and low in mercury. . Still even protected against toxic effects of Mercury in a developing fetus, , which is the most sensitive sensitive to mercury. . And there was another study that was published. . Huge huge Meta study looked at looked at not only. . Prospective Studies. . which are associated associated can't really establish causation, , but they also looked at randomized controlled trials in children. . So the studies looked at pregnant women and also young children and that that were either given fish or eating having a high intake of fish. . Or not and it was found not the the mothers and children even randomized control trials that were given fish. . I had improved intelligence scores like significantly improved even up to like nine points. . And these children also had higher levels of Mercury as well. . But they had higher levels of Dha which superseded whatever you know. . Minor effects the mercury hat again, , we talked about earlier conversation there a fish that are high mega three and lower number mercury at you can be you know things like Salmon <hes>. . While Alaskan salmon or like I mentioned the the farmed Atlantic at least that's the only one I know of that's farmed. . Salmon. . Sardines. . Herring. . Mackerel of this fish that are fatty <hes> also behind Omega, , three and those ones are lower in mercury smaller Fisher mercury. . So I try to give him I try to get my son to eat salmon in some form or another, , and he'll eat little little amounts of it. . And like I said, , I also supplemented with fish oil. . I was also taking. . Drum, breastfeeding. , . I was I was taking three grams a day of of Dha and that you know is is was being delivered him in breast milk I'll get to that in just a minute though. . Iron <hes> is another another one <hes> particularly infants between six six and eleven months they they have a low about ten percent of those infants have low intake of iron. . <hes>, , of course, , irons high in in in meets <hes>. . You know fish is another one that you can find iron in. . I was actually giving my son when he was doing <hes> solid foods like when I when he was when I introduce solid foods at around six months. . I would blend up some salmon cooked salmon blended up with either <hes> Cooked Cherries blueberries, , and I would blended altogether. . So it kind of gave the Sam sweet taste and <hes> really liked that. . When he was young. .

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