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Sonny A little farmer, Tomorrow Eyes mid sixties mid seventies. This report brought to you by Cal Hope and the California Department of Health Care Services. We have a crash on the one A one a Newbury Park. This one is along the North found signs just past Rancho Conejo Boulevard. The tube right lanes have been blocked in traffic is just stacking up. Getting away from the 23. Let's head out to Mike O'Brien KF eye in the sky. Sponsored by injury. Attorney superwoman super lawyer dot com. He doesn't talk too much. And airplanes. Yeah, well, there's nobody talked to accept the pilot. He didn't want to hear from me. Anyway, You've got a really tough drive into the sand and candy here. This is unusual slowing, too. 91 westbound just out of Corona little before the 2 41. There's a vehicle fire in the fast track lane. So both of those polled lanes are blocked. That is bumper to bumper into Corona bumper will pretty much do about surface club building by the minute before you get that far, not even the West mounted surface, or should say, a slot Sierra You got an accident there to the right shoulder that stretched a little extra tight, leaving ever Adam zero interred in an accident. There's a superwoman super lawyer dot com. Mike O'Brien KF eye in the sky. Thanks to Kathy told us about that car fire in Anaheim Hills Count to 50 keyword K F I traffic sponsored by California Highway Patrol KF Eye in the sky Hopes sketchy there faster. I'm Angel Martinez. Hey, Los Angeles. If you're looking to start an exciting new career with job security and excellent benefits, the California Highway Patrol is looking for you Apply today and never be bored at work again is that CHP made from or dot com to learn more or begin the application process. Nothing means more to our city asleep.

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