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One. President Trump is rallying supporters in mocking California Senator Dianne Feinstein at a campaign rally in West Virginia. He reenacted the scene from Thursday's Brett cabinet hearing when Feinstein denied leaking a letter from cabinet accuser, Dr Christine Ford, the president also criticized those who said he should be more presidential and then pretended to be presidential reading lines in a monotone off sheet of paper one of the lines each shows to say while doing that was thousand points of light a reference to Republican President George Bush. Heavy rain in some areas of Galveston caused major flooding so major in fact that they have had to postpone the shrimp festival already this at four today Sunday, and it will include the public Gumbo. A stick in the little shrimp. Ray? Yesterday. President Trump order the FBI to investigate supreme court nominee. Brad kavanagh. And during an appearance on FOX and friends White House deputy press secretary, Raj Shah addressed the prospect of the investigation extending beyond the one week deadline. Well, I'm not gonna draw bright lines. Just yet. I think the Senate has has asked for something. The president has ordered it. We'll see what comes back. We believe firmly and confidently and judge Kavanagh's denials. They're backed up by three hundred other individuals under penalty of of felony who were said to be at that at that event. His contemporaneous calendars. Don't put him at at said such an event both cavenaugh and Christine Ford of testified in separate hearings before the Senate Judiciary committee four hundred confirmed fatalities in Indonesia after a seven point five earthquake and Sonam ten foot waves crashed through city streets, wiping out homes, hospitals and hotels, and if that isn't bad enough the aftershocks are continuing KTAR. News time three oh, three tesla. And it CEO reached a settlement with the securities and Exchange Commission over fraud and oversight failures ABC's. Mark Remillard has details. The SEC says it's reached a settlement with CEO Elon Musk over allegations that he defrauded investors by claiming he had funding to take the company private back in August that turned out not to be true. And now the SEC says musk will step down as company chairman, and he'll pay twenty million dollars in penalties. The settlement does allow him to remain CEO the company meanwhile has also settled allegations that had failed to have proper oversight. Over Musk's tweets and has also agreed to pay twenty million dollars..

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