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The dark side. We were glad to have you here. Good to be with you. Second of all, how did you not know TC that her albums have sold at 55 million copies worldwide in a 40 year career one? I'm told that she is Canada's sweetheart. Okay. Well, you need to many people are listening to some of her content here over the next few female Brian Adams. Come back and let us know what you think next week. I think that that'll be a takeaway for all of us. We should all listen to a few albums. Darcy rossiter said Brooke Henderson at Canadian war earmuffs in 52° weather in Florida as a Canadian should I turn in my passport to the nearest embassy. I put this in here because I want to make this point for those of you that don't know. When you see 52 in Florida, it's damn cold. I grew up in the Midwest. I know cold, okay? It's a different kind of it's a different kind of cold, low 50s in Florida, it sucks. It's four layers. It's beanies. It's the works. Trust me. A 55° day like in the winter in Ohio, you can wear short sleeves. If you get 55 in Florida, it is multiple multiple layers. Kind of like that San Francisco cold. Yeah. You know, it gets in your bones a little bit. Amen. Will we play, I said earlier. We played golf yesterday. It was 40° and windy. We're the only people in the course. Yeah. And it wasn't really raining. It was just like, nobody's nobody was interested in being out there. Nz two AZ yeah, I put this one in there. Sent this one a big onica fan back in the day and know she's a casual golfer these days. But is it kind of scummy she's competing as a celebrity at her home course. She made the cut in the LPG attorney at Nona last year and won U.S. senior women's open. I struggled yeah. Of course. So I went back and forth on this. We must protect the integrity of the celebrity division. Thank God for Derek Lowe winning it. Well, that's what I was. Like, on the one hand, I think it's really funny to see the best woman golfer of all time battling Derek Lowe and like Mark holder. John smoltz, like just going for the same? I think so. I think I didn't see that. That could have been a pretty good equalizer. I mean, I think that that concept right there like very much embodies like Kyle Porter's like normal sport. You know, just like, okay, this is great. You know, high level. And she's going against Larry Fitzgerald who's one of the biggest sandbaggers of all time. Well, they don't do the they don't do the sandbaggers in this one. Isn't it all the celebrities like good players? It seems like the ones that have been smoltz urlacher is nothing. I think is it like Larry cable? I think you're right. You're right. All right, I'm wrong. I'm wrong. Tom Abbott had a great tweet. He went and fished out no pun intended here with Marty fish. The players scores and their handicaps. So Marty fish plays off plus 2.8 and through three rounds. It's basically his tweet was ever wondered how you would fare in an LPG event. Celebs are playing stableford this week, but from the same teas and he said through three rounds, Nelly quarters 13 under, Marty fish a plus 2.8 from the same teas plus 8, Derek Lowe, a .2 plus 6. Alfonso Ribeiro, a .3, I don't know about that one, but he was plus 24. Jack Wagner at 1.1 handicap was plus 16 and Josh Beckett a 2.7 index was plus 27. God, these pitchers play a lot of golf. A lot of golf. Well, but with Annika, on the one hand, I'm like, yeah, that's fun, it's entertaining, but it does feel a little like beneath her. For her to be playing in the celebrity division. Also who cares, but it also. But I saw that question coming. I was like, oh, you know what? I was thinking this. I was struggling with that in my head of where I net out on it. I guess I know that on it doesn't matter. Doesn't this seem like the one which is nothing matters? Who fucking cares? The whole tournament of champions. Thing seems like the easiest event for them to do a co Ed event. With the PGA Tour. Definitely. Super limited fields. You know, you play it, you can play it at capital, and you've got like a course that seems like it would fit LPGA playing styles as well. Kapalua. God damn it. A couple of with no time. Carl guy. All right, let's get to some of the bitching the rest of the bitch thing that happened around the.

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