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It has kind of the problem with the dance scene of you know that this hurdle is still left to be cleared but it hasn't and so you can enjoy the dance scene and then they rushed the resolution it is quick had a time they're like ninety minutes out and these letters face definitely helps yes he's terrible i mean it's the same thing as hanks and you've got male aca charming guy can sell anything in one of these movies and i'm the first one to that's others movies get us lake specifically me in a man true whoa their enemy his lyonnaise great when he's like you know there is always the base drums and everything like oh that would work one hundred out of one hundred two make me to 100 percent it is bullshit totally is particularly because he goes such pains to make her centrally go like a you know women's rights feminists area like reading the bell jar best quote i already did i love my prada backpack let history already good one and quite passionate really get um i know you can be overwhelmed and you can be underwhelmed but can you ever just be welcomed great amazing harry get their lines together are so great mind remains the poem of course it's just an unassailable i love i love it so much the the final category in this podcast is who on the movie i mean t legislature that letter i'm so call you a consensus on the supremacy of both injury keegan and heath ledger no shots at the limit in this movie those chooses really they they got to the mountaintop and with keith ledger came with a marching band it's true who can say now he's also really good at concussion protocol.

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