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Amazing what the value of a used vehicle has only human life consider donating your vehicle to the salvation army the pick it up at no charge and give you an IRS approved receipt your generosity provides new direction for those struggling with alcohol and other drugs call eight hundred SA trucker visit SA truck dot org end at six twenty six the check on New England business who doesn't like smoothies WBZ's Jeff brown telling us about a local company bringing smoothies and smiles to the office crowd mission is really pretty simple our goal is to make people happier and healthier posco pre show with Somerville startup's moody which believes the road to a happy and healthy lifestyle is paved with smoothies and it starts at work the company is trying to figure out a way to bring those frozen fruit drinks to the office kitchen every like to customize this would be as if you would go to a smoky bar with the wrist so we want to replicate the customization leveraging automation in the same way that a curing changed your coffee habits smoothie wants to do the same for healthy drinks so far it's paying off and business is about to take off we have a weight customers who would like to have us over the summer and perhaps a bit longer to smoothie says if this takes off next stop convenience stores and maybe your kitchen counter next Jeff brown WBZ Boston's newsradio how would you like to live in the one time home of Jackie Kennedy Onassis the state that she once called home is now on the market for sixty five million dollars Caroline Kennedy is the current owner of the home selling the sprawling real estate on Martha's vineyard the one time sheep farm as three hundred forty acres in total a mile a private beach five bedrooms two and a half baths to top it off a chef's kitchen with modern appliances every room except the dining room as an ocean front view your top stories at the bottom of the hour double all are coming up.

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