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Click on the asked ray button and had over to more questions combination fat tales not belgodere dongo i know what you fellas in the back romer make any it it it it is an interesting phenomenon if he will in investing lemay get a chance to talk about that a c balladur will be joining us i want to ask him about what happens when you lie on your mortgage application i've got a couple of examples of things yes should not wanna do because if you do them you could end up where not just losing the loan not getting a peru you could end up in jail yeah and i've got a couple of examples one in the news recently on a four oral one k plan as a woman was posing rosie's out our brother pose as hearse pals vigor about that so we're gonna talk about that in a little bit and as i said steve will be joining us all these mortgage akram's we started that a couple of weeks ago the few i i want to get back to our with steve but i started today with this question i get it all the time and we may as well get it out of our says the when will the bull market and wave worst shooting on what nine years now when you can end maybe i can tell you maybe i can't setback both relax away her over and helping you better money moves okay so ann cates smith wrote about this rose on cnbc i guess i and i i really found it fascinating and interesting because as i mentioned it's one of the questions i get almost on a daily bump into somebody the grocery store and we started chatting about the house the kid as the baseball team little league whatever and they in variable say i what will you know we've we've done pretty good 401 k is looking great plans it can end when's the market going to crash as if i know seriously so she wrote about this as the secondlongest bull market in history makes its way into its ninth year many investors are understandably asking when will it.

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