President Trump, Murder, Jamal Kashogi discussed on Dan O'Donnell


It says journals to the enemy of the state so values like freedom of speech and dissent. Suddenly are very endangered around the world. I wonder if you look at what's happened in the last four days, and you wonder if enemy of the people rhetoric not just from President Trump. But also, then from other world leaders has anything to do with this. I remember vividly train trip up on the Acela. When I talked to a group for international an international group to protect journalists who told me, it was within months of Trump taking office that they saw the worldwide threats to journalists going up, and this is kind of the extreme what is happening now in terms of human rights, not only to journalists, but in several hot spots around the world, you see it's Donald Trump's rhetoric about journalists and he was at this rally yesterday in Montana praising Greg Gianforte. Remember him the guy who body slammed the reporter, and this is being tied in to his tacit support for the murder of Jamal kashogi. It is just so transparent. Where the media is it just so transparent. That all these years is an attempt to whip up opposition to Donald Trump and attempt to claim without any actual evidence that he's somehow complicit in the Saudi government's murder of a journalist. And quite frankly, the reason I haven't been whipping up that similar frenzy or Ben reporting on this with bated breath. Like, it's the next episode of making a murderer with this murder mystery who killed Jamal kashogi is because I'm not going to play this narrative game. I am not going to fall into this nonsense. When it's very obviously, nothing more than a gratuitous attempt by a dishonest media to blame Trump for the murder of a journalist ten fifty. You're listening to the Dan O'Donnell show, my friends at redefined realty reminds you that you don't need to pay six percent commission in a hot housing market. In fact, you can get everything.

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