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Absolutely. Any time you can stop a team from scoring a touchdown forced in field goals, especially when you're short handed offensively. That's a huge W but again that wasn't anything to do with the defense Steelers truck The wide open passing on Johnson couldn't catch that slammed right into his chest bounces off the play was there to be made. Again. The Steelers couldn't convert Wayne Ravens on the field goal. So now the Ravens will get the ball back. Even a will have to kick off sail through the back of the end zone, so the Ravens will start from there. 25 yard line, Robert Griffin. The third and the Baltimore offense back out onto the field. I think the one thing the offense has to do the last two Syria's two penalties on first down, so they got pushed back. And another thing, too. I think our G three in the passing situations canny look to run. If the first option is not there, and you haven't an open alley to take off and use your legs, you need to do that. That will help you get most 30 shorts even potentially break one down the field. I'm really start threatening this defense a little bit. Ravens with a record of six and 42 consecutive defeats to New England on and Tennessee and overtime looking to get back on track. Led 76 after one quarter following a Steelers field goal that's down. 97 Pittsburgh is RG three. Hands it off. Justice Hill gets bottled up in the backfield. The loss of two on the play. We're gonna split backs. They go right with Gaza with Justice Hill. Excuse me, But Joe Hayden on the spot on the outside corners have to make the tackles when you have that extra lead box blocker on the edge, and Joe hidden comes up with big tackle. On the right side. Joe hated has the Steelers touchdown getter steps out of his former teammate Robert Griffin, the third earlier his second career TD, his first since the 2013 season. Empty backfield bound for the Ravens. Second long Griffin throws over the middle on the catch is made by marquees Brown out to the 31 yard line. Eight and six on the play, setting up Her down and four for the Ravens Keys. Ground comes way outside underneath from the outside. I think he's a guy that needs to get the ball in his hands. Even the short passes got enough speed to make big plays came into this game with 32 receptions on the season, third down and four Ravens after the backfield once again. David trailing the Steelers. 97 4.5 gone second quarter here in Pittsburgh on third and four Griffin steps up down, He goes back up the 28 yard line. The combination is Cam Heyward and Bug Dupri. And it really started with T. J Watt coming on the right side, forcing.

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