Bella Tower, Mitchell, Sonnen discussed on MMA Junkie Radio - Episode 2,467: Evan Dunham, Simon Samano


There's a lot of skids in your tweets mike how you didn't acknowledged poop emojis here this is the kind of card other org put on a payperview but this is on the mighty ufc fight pass so to be fair let's do that let's do ufc fight night 11 are side won eleven on one side and on the other will do bella tower and why c in the bottle a oneweek apart and just gadgets to keep a real just to have a little bit of fun let's see what you guys think above card so i start off with the headline holly home versus bechke o'hare uh i'm not gonna worry about who is coming off a lawsuit this is go with the names are uk that way we don't studying a wolf ate or is doing this and mitchell's donor iran delay or whatever but holiday home respect korea verses jail sonnen and vanderli so goes your thoughts whoever wins that fight is nowhere near any sort of title shot what holly hohmann edge chris so there's no story liner if you take made of any other card there is something that right we don't know they don't even have a champion showers bottle actors showers vandal a africans tumors found more mature on feeder now now chris technically the other ones the how the article had so i think we could side that bell tour has that handled yes uh what about our loss cuers to bora and fatal risk michio behind you now want to see the great fate or five hundred matter who were antizia fatal hanseatic kev when you pick decipher battles are you giving all right so koa akobe covington versus dongyun kim in on the other side we have michael chandler in brett primus goes in iowa elect to bow out of this because chandler is a good friend of ours and uh a landlord according to danny but um.

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