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Citywide a phenomenon that's really going to relieve some pressure on our streets on the mta plus light rail which is coming to a brooklyn in queens that we're going to be putting it uh obviously another thing was started in previous administration i commend the man who's grown city by these are all all turn ways for people get around and the raw actually things you can do a lot quicker uh then putting in for example agassi a new subway line so that's where we're putting both energy and investment i think the political will point is fair to an upset very clearly uh we spent a lot of time i spent a lot of time last few months on things like mural control education and on the city budget but now i'm going to turn my attention the mta and i'm gonna be out there are a lot around the city and i'm gonna be advocating for the big changes we need but i disagree with that editorial uh certainly on the point about how investment works 'cause i think it absolutely ignores the fact that in the investment reality is that the money the mta takes in it does not um equitably utilize and it and that's something that's been known for decades in decades the vast majority of the mta ridership is in the new york city subway system but that's not where the vast majority the investment goes and so i want to uh look very closely at the mta's huge operating budget and capital budget and push for them more equitable distribution and a better set of priorities that will address the lives everyday people new york city i couldn't disagree more on the notion around what happened with the train i think that's a misunderstanding first of all responsibility responsibly lives with the state for the mta uh but joe loaded was there to his credit but second uh what we're trying to focus on is fixing the whole system not the exceptional uh incident that occurs and obviously that was a bad incident and i felt very bad for the people were affected this this is about fixing old system on a political will awful i got plenty of will to put into pushing the mta to be what it should be it's.

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