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So on the one hand, we have this practice of exclusion from society. But then on the other hand, those women experienced that as a very positive thing. Again, two sides of one coin among the Alithia women of the South Pacific got lip says breast feeding women joint menstruating women in those odds of seclusion. Along with the children. And she says that that kind of created this party atmosphere, basically. While Hudson while menstruation hearts can be exclusionary and like tortuous experienced in some places, they're all variations on the theme and in lissi women in the South Pacific, breastfeeding women menstruate menstruating women were kind of excluded from society to gather. They interpreted that as very positive thing and kind of threw a party and in some parts of Ghana in west Africa, young go sit under umbrellas that are very beautifully crafted like those those a beautifully crafted ceremonial umbrellas that done like made for this occasion when they begin menstruating. And then the family gives her gifts and pays her Hamaj is and she celebrated like a Queen like, we we already talked about this in with with all to some areas in India menstruation is celebrated. And then for the Bengals women of the Ivory Coast Cutler found that male in post restrictions on menstruating women. Also, come with positive twist because quote, an older men religious leader in the local religion told me menstruation is like the flow of tree you need the flow before the tree can fruit. That's a very different ideology than the ideology of sin and pollution. Unquote. So yeah, I already said that the flip side of the menstruation is powerful. And terrifying coin is like, the ministration is powerful and terrifying. And that's why we use it for a pup assesses. And then in some religion menstruation can even be a powerful tool because okay, I'm going to have to say it again. So the flip side of this idea that ministration is powerful. And terrifying is also that. In some traditions. Menstruation is powerful and terrifying. And that's why women can use it for their own purposes. So in some religion menstruation can be a tool and in some New Orleans voodoo, rituals menstrual blood is used weakened seamen's, drew blood as powerful and as connected to wisdom, again, one thing that we must -nificant hit is the fact that ministration might be celebrated and giving a special status is usually just the other side of the impure disgusting coin over every reaction to that. As in the case of wiccans. Right. So even the ministrations, I'm not normal natural part of life. But something other something special, and even the most of us live, very secular lives nowadays. And we don't really follow orthodox religious rules. Even though we may be. You know, we may come out of religious traditions. The tabun the shame and the shaming surrounding when station is still very real. We talked about this in episode of a series administration. And the idea that ministration is something disgusting. Unclean or scary seems to be very deeply ingrained in all Pasha alkyl cultures. And to wrap this whole thing up. I would like to quote from the medium obstacle by Katie Simpson. She says quote. Whether you believe in God and not these two booze Matto in two thousand ten the one point six billion, Muslims one point three billion Hindus and two point seventeen billion Christians that sixty nine percent of the total world population. Everyday these to impact millions of women some of it isn't this drastic as being kicked out into HUD. One study shows that women are seen as less human when they hold when the scene holding a clean menstrual product, but more importantly to boost shape, how we view around bodies. Another study showed that women from traditions with rules around ministration when more embarrassed ashamed in secluded compared to other women so should women around the world, abandon these rituals. Not so fast. The same study also found that women had a stronger sense of community than those without minstrel which rules, though, these rituals keep women a pot. It also gives them. Face with each other ritual in in my opinion, isn't the issue. The problem is the tabu and shame underlying it combining silence and seclusion max unnatural cycle and bodies as Elian and different America. In some ways is a perfect example of this as a country with a strong Christian heritage. We no longer have rituals keeping women apart. But the tabu still impact as society, it's inside my own. It's inside my embarrassment holding attempt on while walking into bathroom it lives in the crazy. PMS woman troop it sits between my teeth as they clench struggling to deal with Krems while in a meeting we all excluded anymore. We just have to pretend it isn't happening..

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