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The most recent season executives by common who are you might know from a film called john with two it's a show about the residence of chicago neighborhood it uh there's a couple of crimes going on early on but you're sort of it's a wide crosssection there's a kid middle school on the spiring chef eventual father all you know as a be young kid who has been left in charge of the baby he fathered and then tried with nor brian which event on your offcutter let up the discussion for spanish as a mitch snia what did you think of this one i i was excited for this because i like lena wave a lot i love to writing on that thanksgiving episode of this i just i there is not enough they are maybe there's too much there to spills if the shot is trying to tell a lot of stories in its to kind of sort of big tapestry show that i am often you know a huge junkie four whether in a tv form like the wire awards the kind of books that i liked read where it's like you're here's the story of seventeen different people in the same city in occasionally they intersect and a lot of the times they don't so in theory i'd like this and there are some good performances here button aegis none of it failed urgent enough or tied to gather enough to keep pulling me through it showtime gave his four episodes on screeners and i think that they improve a little bit after the first one which is sort of a little bit too grim and dry on and they they become slightly more laced with black humor uh going forward but like i got to give a third one another's read his stop and then there was a cliffhanger editor at while i'm curious to see what happens air and so i put on the fourth episode and i saw what happened immediately with the cliffhanger nato's you know what i i'm okay i'm not a gauged enough with this to keep going as of now a it's sort of its it's an interesting idea an interesting world but the stories themselves didn't feel quite compelling enough.

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