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And today, we have a very exciting program. All of you out there who are entrepreneurs. Or maybe have a great idea for a new company or you're just out of money. They'll still know how to get your ideal off the ground. So every time I talked to an entrepreneur a audio, but got no money. And so this program is for you. And I think it's a timely program is much needed for many, many Guls, you know, from socially conscious to being aware. And and being aware of all the changes that are going on the world today and make sure the air participating in the changes are not being wiped out by the changes comments, Kim. Well, I'm very excited about today's show, and we're gonna get started right away. Because you know, we've often said that one of the solutions to the whole economic. Problems is entrepeneurship. And there needs to be more. Entrepreneurs more small startups taking the lead and our guest is very very well known. He is the co founder of AOL Steve case, and he is now the chairman and CEO of revolution. And we're gonna talk about what revolution is. And it's all about creating entrepreneurs from areas that most people don't think entrepreneurs come from. And he's really giving them a shot to get a start. Very proud. Steve is fellow Hawaiian Kim graduated from your rose to your way. And I'm I grew up little tone co Hilo Hawaii where Steve's parents or from understand, but you can become an entrepreneur even from Hawaii. That's what we're trying to say. So stay welcome to the program..

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